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  • Nice job but my computer hangs after approx. 5000 bookmarks (11000 in total). Removed for now but will check progress from time to time.
  • I'm reviewing this without even installing because it flat out is NOT a Organizer! All it does is find no longer working bookmarks, redirects, duplicates etc.

    It doens't say anything about organizing bookmarks ANYWHERE in the very good description.
  • anyone help to add option select ?
  • 4 stars only please add option to delete all duplicates then I will give you 5.
  • 404エラーや重複したブックマークをある程度自動的に検出して削除できます。
  • Detect duplicates bookmarks but didn't have a button to delete them at the same time, useless ... :/
  • Removing duplicate bookmarks has to be done one at a time, and requires moving the mouse and clicking "OK" on the confirmation that pops up for each one. Not useful if you have more than about twenty duplicates.

    Not sure why this doesn't have batch selection (all but newest, for example) like Bookmark Dupes does.
  • 854 warning for HTTP->HTTPS change, but no batch fix for this....
  • Nagyon hasznos alkalmazás. Gratulálok a fejlesztőknek.
  • Brilliant! It's updating all the old http:// references to https:// for me.
    Picking up on the redirects that happen, and slow down access to site api's.
  • thanks. it's helpful
  • Deleting even a single bookmark is a nightmare, each one deletion needs at least four clicks.
  • Удаляет дубли, проверяет актуальность закладок.
    Весьма удобно.
    Выглядит симпатично и не топорно.
  • This is an amazing pulgin which has fixed my browser's bookmark bug.