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  • can't automatically delete duplicate bookmarks.
  • Maybe a name like Bookmark Cleaner or Optimizer would be better but I'm glad this exits.
  • ottimo per la scansione ma pessimo per dover controllare manualmente ogni errore segnalato, ho 4500 link con 300 errori e warnings.... impossibile
  • das verstehe ich nicht: ich habe nach Überprüfung über 1000 Fehler - hatte meine Bookmarks extern sicherheitshalber gespeichert - muss ich 1000 x "entfernen" drücken???
  • 長年のうちに溜まってしまった大量のブックマークの整理ができて助かっています。PCスペックや回線にもよると思いますが、ブックマークをチェック中に他の作業をしていても特に影響を感じません。
  • Excellent addition to my Firefox addon arsenal!
  • Bei meinem Firefox tut das Addon leider gar nichts außer mit 3 grünen Punkten zu suchen. Von 'organisieren' ist überhaupt nichts zu sehen
  • Nice job but my computer hangs after approx. 5000 bookmarks (11000 in total). Removed for now but will check progress from time to time.
  • I'm reviewing this without even installing because it flat out is NOT a Organizer! All it does is find no longer working bookmarks, redirects, duplicates etc.

    It doens't say anything about organizing bookmarks ANYWHERE in the very good description.
  • anyone help to add option select ?
  • 4 stars only please add option to delete all duplicates then I will give you 5.
  • 404エラーや重複したブックマークをある程度自動的に検出して削除できます。
  • Detect duplicates bookmarks but didn't have a button to delete them at the same time, useless ... :/