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  • Can't choice the folder.
    Have to wait several minutes without possibility of using firefox.
    Obtain an useless huge list (hard to find the folder you want to clean in this stupid list).

    Nothing smart with this addon
  • First it needs to scan, then, in the results not shows the full path of bookmark(s) but it shows them at second scan, then, you have to delete unneeded bookmarks one by one(!), then, I needed to refresh (scan again) and then not working, It freezes.
  • Not working
  • Impossible de l'installer. Message : l'extension est corompue
  • Very useful extension for organizing bookmarks. It has few glitches so it's recommended to comb through found results and doublecheck them and not just automatically fix them in bulk, but still, at least it points out things that might be obsolete or not resolving to the same address as it was initially bookmarked. Still easier checking few 10 potentially problematic bookmark entries than manually combing through entire bookmark database which can be in hundreds or even thousands of entries.
  • Nice sleek GUI, but reports too many false positives for broken links. Should be restricted to 404 responses only, or at least provide it as an option. The deduplicator function works, but the GUI provides no way to group-select detected items. Users with perhaps fifty or more duplicate URLs should expect to click "delete" for an unreasonable amount of time. I had over 400, so it was unfortunately an instant uninstall for me. If the developer fleshes out the options a LITTLE more, I may be back.
  • Funktioniert bei mir (ca. 1000 Bookmarks) wie beschrieben. Meine Wünsche:
    1. Die Antwortzeit bei der Suche nach defekten Lesezeichen ist zu kurz. Lahme Server führen zu broken links, bei manueller Nachkontrolle wurden zahlreiche Webseiten doch erreicht. Evtl. würde auch helfen, die betreffenden Webseiten mehrfach anzusprechen.
    2. Vermisse die Suche nach leeren Bookmark-Ordnern
  • As others have written, this extension has problems. The biggest are that while it might identify duplicates, it does not offer a way to select duplications for deletion. This might be fine if one had a few duplicates. It quite another thing if one has hundreds or more duplicates.

    Second, the extension supposedly identifies broken links. However in spot checking some of these links, I find they are working.

    Lastly, if one has thousands of bookmarks, this program will consume lots of memory. You mostly likely will get Firefox or even Windows to have problems.
  • Funktioniert irgendwie nur so halb. Die meisten meiner "defekten" Lesezeichen haben noch wunderbar funktioniert. Bei Duplikaten fehlt mir eine Option Links in bestimmten Ordnern zu behalten oder so. Mindestens ein Button für exakte Duplikate im selben Ordner bis auf einen Link zu löschen.
    Hat mir also nur wenig weiter geholfen. Wurde wieder deinstalliert.
  • Does what it says, very helpful!
  • Mit den zur Verfügung stehenden Funktionen bin ganz zufrieden. Nur die Bezeichnung als "Organizer" finde ich stark übertrieben.
    Eine schlechte Bewertung, weil dir der Name nicht gefällt? Na danke...
  • 具备了书签常用功能,死链,去重,很完善了,推荐使用