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When you have many bookmarks to drag and drop (or cut and paste) is an headache.
This addon significantly simplifiers this process.
Thank you!
But as soon as we have "Move" item, the appetite grows :)
Now it is actual to speak about bulk service.
What does "Move"? It moves marked item to another place.
Now, if it be possible to mark many items - it opens the bulk service - it will be possible (I believe) to move all marked items.
Is it possible to implement multiple marking like in File Manager?
Thank you.

Introducing making from my point of view is a feature-blow for this addon, this addon already has a very good multi-select(even for earch results) and moving support. Combine it with bookmarks searching interface, it should be enough. Glad to see it is helpful to you. This addon's next goal is to make find and select the target folder easier than now, especially when you have hundreds of folders created.