Fantastic addon! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Your addon returns to people good mood and it is priceless!
I have one idea that can make a small revolution (I hope) in web serfing.
Let assume that in addition to background colors user has on option to choose wallpaper from his images folder that will replace the background color by such image. Of course, such replacement looks as bad, useless because the text becomes almost unreadable - istead plain background it is impossible to define the font color, visible on both dark and bright areas on such non-plain background. But the pair of colors ("bright" and "dark") - can be definetely visible even on such
non-plain background as image! Of course, it should be some automatic detection of each piece of bacground area - is it bright or dark. But if to implement such technique - this will turn your addon to super luxurious.
Of course such option should be experimental, i.e. can be easy disabled without redefinition of colour scheme.

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