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  • I would like to use it but it's not compatible with FireFox Quantum and I would highly appreciate if you made it compatible. i love using BetterGaia on Chrome and would love to have it on FireFox. Please and thank you.
  • Makes Gaia 100x Better!
  • This is the worst add-on. I thought it made things easier, but it's obnoxious and just complicates things. At least, the FireFox one is. Maybe it just needs to be updated. I don't know. I seriously regret having bothered to get it, and I hope everyone stops using it or recommending it to people, because you're only going to make their life more complicated. Just stick to Gaia, guys. This thing isn't worth it.
  • Most people have Facebook as their addiction.
    I have Gaia Online.
    Awesome website. Amazing Add-On. The little things it does - like automatically inserting my formatting and the Draw All feature - makes Gaia SOOOO much better.
    Plus if you accidentally click on the notification next to your Avatar about a PM and then forgot you've got 4 more to reply to, BetterGaia has menu bar that tells you it's there. Great for the over forgetful me.
    Oh and did I mention it gets rid of adds? Yea, like all of the non-Gaia adds. So nice
  • Fail to download the very first time :) But once its installed I really found it amazing add-on. very much customizable
  • If your are a Gaiaonline.com member you need to get this. It makes it so much easier to post if you have a special design for your posts. No copy and Paste. Also it centers the page for you which is a plus. I suggest this to any Gaia member.
  • I've had BetterGaia installed for awhile, but I'm a little down because it doesn't work with Firefox 4.0 beta 9 or 10. So I can't upgrade to that. Do you think you could update it so it will work? Thanks if you do!
  • Right. First this add-on is amazing, well worth downloading regardless of what i say which is bad. It makes "http://www.gaiaonline.com" so much better. I uninstalled it for a hour and it was painful to use GaiaOnline without it.

    The best things about it:
    ● Its customization ability
    ● The way it makes GaiaOnline more intuitive
    ● The fact it is totally within the GaiaOnline T&C

    Worst things:
    ● New Headers, backgrounds (official GaiaOnline backgrounds) etc. are missing
    ● Updates normally take a while if GaiaOnline change the page
  • The new look it gives Gaia is very pleasing. Loving the customization choices, especially with changing the logo, background and toolbar colours. Neat layout with the My Gaia page. No lag from it either, so I'm impressed! =]
  • alaalmi.net
  • This add-on is simply amazing. Its everything you could have ever asked for on gaia (besides gold..) If you don't have the add-on yet, get it, NOW. You will simply be amazed on how great this makes gaia look.
  • This add-on is simply amazing. Its everything you could have ever asked for on gaia (besides gold..) If you don't have the add-on yet, get it, NOW. You will simply be amazed on how great this makes gaia look.
  • This is a really great add-on, but it needs updating, its not compatible with the new site, please fix this.
  • A very handy tool for Gaia users, improves the ease of use and look of Gaia greatly.
  • this add-on is just simply amazing
  • This is an awesome program for gaia users. The visuals are spectacular and it runs smoothly.
  • I love the way it makes Gaia looks – especially centering the page content – and makes for a more aesthetically pleasing and streamlined navigation, but I dislike the one-second lag that occurs with each page load while Better Gaia changes the style.
  • its really great... with all the new skins and tweaks..

    i was exited when i got it... but then, when i browse around... i notice that the Avatar edittor is still practically the same... thats probably the only sad part..

    but overall, its a great add-on
  • I love Better Gaia Faster Surfing and really nice background and 10.0 out of 10.0 or 5 stars out of 5 and to the developers keep making bettergaia better :)
  • I give you a 5 since this is a amazing program and it's much easier to view Gaia.. No more of those ugly styles on Gaia. Your the best!
  • I love BetterGaia. When I was using regular gaia, I had trouble seeing the words, but now I know what I'm clicking on without squinting. The shops are easier to access. And I'm glad to say that I'm surfing Gaia faster now, thanks to BetterGaia. ^_^
  • This is a wonderful addon. It makes Gaia so much better (duh, hence the name). The glitches I found were fixed quickly and efficiently.
  • I noticed the changes as soon as I went on and thought. hey did gaia change in 5 minutes? Then I found it was bettergaia and its really good! Gaia isnt boring anymore! I love the changes you made to gaia =P thanx.
  • Works well together with GaiArch. This has improved a lot since i 1st tried it but still needs a lil tweaking. i can't wait to what it will turn out like in the final phase.
  • It changed alot from the first version, and it does what it says. Good for a break from gaia's layout.