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Well, with that config parameter set to 0 there was still a page (reuters.com) that was badly stalling FF 4 no matter how long I left it unselected while working with other pages. The stall had to do with an auto refresh .js script on rueters.com that is incompetent (fixed by blocking the offensive element with Adblock Plus.).

Using BarTab I was _really_ able to unload the page and eliminate its foul behavior. The tab history problem was a show stopper, however.

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Sorry to hear that automatic reload is such an intractable problem with FF 4.

I decided I would try and live with it but then found a behavior I cannot live with. When you reload a page your position in the tab history list seems to have been forgotten and the reload is always to the top entry in the list. Unusable, I'm afraid.

I sure hope this excellent concept doesn't remain orphaned too much longer.