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  • Please rebuild and revive this great addon for Firefox Quantum! It was the only solution for easy page scrolling (yet another smooth scrolling... is not that great)
    Thanks in advance.
    I ported my WebExtensions version from Chrome, It is available from

  • This is one of my most used extensions; hope the author will update it so it can run on FF 57+.
    I've already ported it to Chrome. I do intend to create a version for Firefox WebExtension in the near future.
  • Thanks so much for this....
  • Till today a superior AddOn - so many thanks for an often used function not provided by default for mouse users.

    Certainly often sites do have their own button for going up large pages, but you never know where to find this button, and how it looks like, and what it exactly does (showing ads..). Fastest way (for mouse users) is always an icon of this add-on you can implement in the symbol-bar.

    But recently with Firefox V45.3.0 the arrow-up-icon changed from big to the tiny one. That makes it more difficult to find between the other icons, so it would be nice if this would get corrected.

    Many thanks in advance!
  • Отличное дополнение. Именно то,что долго искал.Спасибо!
  • Interressant surtout si on veut tout piloter a la souris. Mais je reprocherai une fonctionnalite non pensee. Quand on choisit d'afficher dans la barre le bouton comprenant la double fonction haut et bas, il aurait ete interressant de prevoir la possibilite de le piloter qu'avec le clic gauche.
    Par defaut clic gauche dessus vous remontez en haut de page
    Clic droit dessus vous descendez en bas de page.

    Pourquoi ne pas avoir prevu une fonction alternative, clic gauche je remonte en haut de la page, si j'y suis deja je descend en bas de page. Plus simple non?
  • Works as intended. Very useful
  • Wonderful add-on. Much needed.
  • Extremely useful add-on. Works great too. Thank You.
  • Back to Top is one of those add-ons that everyone doing serious amounts of web browsing benefits from. We're lucky to have it in Firefox (AFAIK there's no equivalent add-on for Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE, and all those other browsers). Chuck Baker has done an excellent job with thus add-on.
  • Please reduce the size of the button on Firefox Australis
  • Really nice, like it! Thank You :)
  • I really like that it's in the Context Menu options. It's so easy and quick to right click and Go to Top or Bottom.
    Thanks for creating this Add-On!
  • Excellent, thank you. Works as promised. Easy to use settings.
    Is there a way I can edit the text in the toolbar icon to take up less horizontal space? Or can I remove text (without doing same to other icons on the same toolbar)>
  • I was not able to drag the icon to the navigation bar. It was stuck in the status bar. So looking for another option.
    The statusbar icon ('unicon') is separate from the other icons. That particular icon cannot be dragged around (but it can be hidden in Back to Top options). You can add Navigation/Toolbar icons the normal way (right-click > Customize...). If you need any help, please leave a message in the support forum (http://www.customsoftwareconsult.com/forum/index.php).
  • Спасибо! Незаменимая вещь!
  • Да темка cool +5
  • Постоянно использую это дополнение. Очень повышает удобство серфинга.
  • This plugin really rocks.. Searching for this plugin from long time..
    Thanks to developer..
  • Thanks - this add-on makes my web-reading life much easier!
  • I find this extension quite useful. Firefox thinks version 6.0.1 isn't compatible with FF 3.6.21 , although it seems to work OK to me.
  • not working well in version 4. have to uninstall then re-install. too bad.
  • Cette version 6.0.1 fonctionne mal avec FF4,
    pas de changement de couleurs des icônes (dark ou lignt, ne fait rien)
    C'est vraiment dommage, je m'en sers beaucoup.
    Ce serait sympa d'améliorer la visualisation des icônes.
  • this addon is quite wonderful and it's quite useful for me. Maybe it's not proper to ask here but the supporting forum need register so I choose to write it here: do you have any plan to provide similar addon for Chrome? Thanks anyway.