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Well, the results can be seen. And sometimes helpful. Especially if you need to save a big discussion in 1 file.

But can it have a much-needed button for auto-pagerize or not auto-pagerize the current page?
There *is* this button - only in built-ins for page improver packs (pagetweak, tweaktube), but not in this very main addon. But i'd also suggest this button to not hang over the page, but be a toolbar button. - when it happens to cover the page text, it's annoying.

Moreover, by default it should be off - everywhere. Because too few sites need this, and at the same time many can be spoiled. If we need to hack around a site and see next pages, we can press the button much easier, than when it needs pressing just to stay normal. So just an option is cool. And an option to dig only 1 page at a time.

Comments under articles are jumping off and displaying the next article. In shops pages are often not functioning - only displaying frames but not pressable. And some forums just don't pagerize. Also when paging from, example, 5th page, it displays "page 2", but it means page 6 in fact. If you read from the middle, can be confusing.

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