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Very useful add-on, thank you!
But... i feel really stupid, but can't find a solution to a problem i don't see mentioned here either. I try to use Dynamic Folders, but i just can't set up a local folder for it.

Let's say i have a filter for *.ext files, currently saving files to C:\Temp. I click on "Select" next to Local Folder dropdown and see standard Windows 7 dialog window for folder selecting. In the bottom part of this dialog window is an input text field, and i type there, let's say, "C:\Temp\%Y%" (with or w/o quotes). But when i click on "Select" button in this dialog window, "Local Folder" address just stays the same as it was before. And if i to try and set dynamic folder while creating new addon, path will just be set to "C:\Users\_my_username_". Oh, and if a use an existing folder or creating new one without tags, it works just fine.
I believe this is because Windows just can't find a folder with this address, so it reverts to previous stored address.

I have Windows 7, UAC simply turned off (equals to running Firefox as an Administrator) and Firefox 6.0.1. And i can provide a screenshots or maybe video showing whole process of struggle. =)

Please help me if you have a spare minute or two. Anyway, thank you again.

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