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Current version has pluses and a minus.

The pluses are the increased sort options and delays, which gives the add-on increased flexibility.

The minus (for a limited audience) is the effect this version has on the "automatic" number of columns set by the Multicolumn Bookmarks add-on. While I appreciate the third column (everything seemed to appear on screen), I lost any control over scrolling the listings horizontally (I discovered a fifth column off screen). With 2 columns, it scrolled vertically, and there were controls at the top and bottom of the window. The previous version of Auto-Sort Bookmarks integrated completely with Multicolumn Bookmarks. That is not the case now. Too bad.

When looking at extension, I want them not only to play well with the browser's native features, but with each other, as well.

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I've just made some tests with the Multicolumn Bookmarks add-on and it seems to have this bug everytime you add an item to the bookmarks menu (even a bookmark).
Please try to add a bookmark to the bookmarks menu and see if you get the same bug.
If you don't get the same bug, please tell me which Firefox version and operating system do you use.
Anyway, you can remove the menu item added by Auto-Sort Bookmarks by disabling the "Show the menu item in the bookmarks menu" option.
Unless you don't get this bug in the aforementioned case, I will not be able to fix this.

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It sorts, in a well thought out, persistent manner. Simple to to the point.The interface for setting the sort-order of bookmarks is a little ham-fisted because it offers only Icons (really tiny, hard to decipher icons), so if you don't know 'em, you can't knowledgeably set 'em.

On the other hand, this simple, fairly straightforward add-on features an unmentioned toolbar button, as well as Tools menu entry, which allow you to choose the moment you want to sort. Choose the Autosort option and it's all set-it-and-forget-it functioning.

Kudos on recognizing that many of us like to organize (classify) bookmarks with separators within folders and for preserving our preference.

With respect to the Developer's reply below, if a tooltip had shown up while my mouse was on any of the icons, I wouldn't have mentioned (by inference) the lack of labels. After I read the reply, I tried again. No joy, but I appreciate the thought behind including the tooltip labels. Their absence on my screen is probably a stand-alone occurrence. (If the user doesn't know what's supposed to happen, there is an assumption that the feature doesn't exist.)

Over all, this utility is well thought out. Congratulations.

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To know what the icons mean, there is a tooltip for every icon.
So, you just have to put your mouse over an icon a few seconds to see what it means.