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For me AIOS has been a very useful and extensively used extension since its inception. Kudos to the author for maintaining it well for all these years. Thanks! With the arrival of Firefox Australis in the near future Mozilla has stated they will be going with a minimalist GUI and that custom toolbars will be no more. Access to everything will be from one bar. Firefox power users, who heavily customize their browsers, will be short of room to house icons that quickly access extensions. That will make AIOS all the more important to them. Perhaps the author of this fine extension might consider having an option for a second, side-by-side, panel to insure there will be room for icons of even the most extension-crazy users. It would greatly lessen the fear of many Firefox users that there won't be enough room to customize easily. AIOS would surely be a much faster way to access things you want to get at quickly than what Mozilla has planned. The importance of this extension will go up quite a bit when the Australis UI is released.

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Great when used in conjunction with othe extensions Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

All-in-One Sidebar is a wonderful extension when used with Scrapbook and Wizz RSS News Reader, as it automatically closes the side bar when you move the cursor out of the sidebar area and opens it when the cursor is moved to the screen edge. There are also a number of tweaks one can make to get the extension to work just the way you want., really nice!

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