nice add-on, but let the user decide how to display it. Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

i would have liked to give this a much better rating, but i am so aggravated with a few things, that i just couldn't. this is a very good add-on, but it could be a great add-on if the creator would do the one thing most people want, ALLOW THEM TO DECIDE HOW THEY WANT TO DISPLAY IT. when i click on options, and try to change the size of it, my choices are quickly over-ridden. for example, i want to enter a minimum size of 45, but that gets completely ignored by the app to a predefined 176 setting. SO WHY HAVE A MIN., STANDARD AND MAX WIDTH SETTING, IF YOU ARE GOING TO IGNORE THOSE THAT THE USER PUTS IN????????????????????? WHEN ARE DEVELOPERS GOING TO REALIZE THAT THE USERS WHAT TO SET THINGS THE WAY THEY WANT TO SET THINGS? STOP PUTTING PEOPLE IN A BOX. WE ARE DIFFERENT. one last thing, when you click on installed extensions, why are the extensions so tiny all of the sudden? they use to be displayed very well, now i need a magnifying glass to read them. come on man, get it together. this is way too good of an extension to have these ridiculous little problems.

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