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I love this add on, it's one of the first I install in a fresh Firefox. Well, Ice Dragon now but same difference.

I don't really miss the downloads section a great deal though it would be nice to see the option removed now that it no longer works.

My main request though (I don't know if this add on is still being developed, it's ages since the latest version) is this - I find the "show on hover" option very very useful, but I'd really like that to be separate from the close funtion.i.e. what I'd really like is "show on hover" but "stay there until I deliberately close it" as well : )

Fantastic add on anyway, many thanks and five stars from me.

P.s. @Schvenn, the Quicknotes add-on will add a notebook to your sidepanel, though I don't think it's syncable like Quickfox is.

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