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This addon is one of the best I have encountered. There are an almost infinite number of situations you could use this for. Here are just a couple of examples that I use it for: Tracking price changes on Ebay/Amazon, and tracking posts on a forum. This addon should be brought more into the open. Only about 5.5K users? That's really low for such a great addon. I do, however, have a few feature requests. 1. Could you possibly have the number of unread alerts visible on the icon like this screenshot of the gmail icon userscript? (It shows the amount of email I have in my inbox): That would be awesome.2. Also, I find it moderately annoying that the alert box opens in a new tab. Could you accomplish the same thing with a dialog or with right clicking on the icon? Also, checking for alerts via right click on the icon shouldn't open a new tab, the user should see if there are new updates just by looking at the icon and the new alerts should be availible from the context menu or in a dialog. Just my two cents...
P.S. The functionality I'm asking for with icon is kinda what the Addon Update Checker( extension does. It includes all the needed info with right clicking, hovering over, or clicking the icon. Check it out to see what I mean.Thanks again for the great addon!

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Yes, the potential use cases are limitless. The v2 is under active development with many improvements based on user feedback and use cases.

Thanks for your feedback.

#1 This has been noted and will be done. Great when using it as an app tab.

#2 This shouldn't have happened by design. It seems to be a bug introduced in later versions. Thanks for pointing it out.