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  • I'm using this theme since years and I have to say that I'm very happy with it. It has modern icons when I add icons to the status bar (under the opened main menu. Mian menu is always visible.).

    I have no problems with this theme with installed many add-ons. I also have installed the add-ons Nightly Compatibility Check and checked "Force Addon Compatibility".

    I give your add-on five stars.

    By the way, I am using Firefox version 28!!! I will NEVER use newer versions (29+) until Firefox allows me to add the icons into the status bar how I like it and not how Firefox likes it since version 29. To avoid that Firefox makes update to newer version I have DELETED "Update.exe" file!
  • It's so sad.. :( I really need to update Firefox now (it's getting crazy), but I know I'm going to hate it without this theme. It really sucks! I hope you get the time in the future.. thank you for the best theme ever! <3
  • I also want a update :( Can't live without this add-on. Love it! <3 ---- I support!!
  • Please, update to the last Firefox version.
    If you speak of issues with FF 28 with tabs on bottom, they are fixed. If you speak of FF 29, sadly, that's not going to happen too soon. Mozilla decided to rip out too much features and I can't afford the time right now to re-engineer them to keep the look and feel.
  • The only flaw I see with the theme is that when you maximize a window, the background behind the buttons in the top right corner (close, restore, minimize) changes into this tacky gradient. It does not look right maximized. I'd love it if the author could make the theme look like other maximized windows. For what it's worth, I'm using Windows 8.1

    *** Update: ***

    The developer contacted me and provided a workaround. All you need to do is add the following to your userChrome.css file.

    background: transparent !important;

    (Google userChrome.css to figure out where this file is located. For me, it's something like: C:\Users\[my_user_name]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[random_string].default\chrome\userChrome.css.)
    The issue is that windows 8 changed quite a bit of the visual style. The gradient makes the window look nicer with most aero colors in windows 7, while windows 8 removed all gradients. I agree that this does probably not look that nice on windows 8...

    I don't have plans to ever switch to windows 8 or newer, as I dislike many of the decisions Microsoft made on that point. Thus, I have no testing environment. Also I'm quite short on time right now. Thus, don't expect a real fix for that too soon, sorry!

    If it really bothers you, write an eMail and I'll fiddle you an userChrome.css which will disable that gradient for your installation.
  • A great theme which makes me love to open firefox....
  • The theme is great but can you please remove the gradient from the window border and just make it fully take from aero? I am on windows 8 right now and I would prefer for the window border to be in full solid color like the visual style.

    EDIT: How I am suppose to get your email? Also I managed to edit your theme to remove the gradient but sure I can send you screen as soon as I know where ;)
    Can you send me a screenshot via eMail? I don't have Windows 8 around here; not sure which gradient you refer to.
  • Download completed button bug ?
    Besides that bug reports are better sent by mail, I cannot reproduce the issue. Here's what I did: Download button on top toolbar. Right-click Firefox icon on AMO site, choose "save image as", save it. Then, the downlad button gets its green animation, once I click on it the green goes away. That's how it's supposed to be, isn't it?
  • Firefox 24.0
    Top theme for me.
  • Hi,

    23.0.1 seems to have broken this add on. Any chance of a fix? I love this one!

    Hi, could you write me an eMail describing what is broken exactly? You should be able to find my address within the support section.
  • Hello, I like this theme. I think that it is great theme!

    But I have problem: the images the loupe of increase in reduction of the image isn't shown, in a theme by default the loupe is available.

    PS: Thank you for your great work! Good job! Thank you! 5 stars.
    Fixed in https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/aero-improved/versions/ - or wait some weeks until it is distributed via autoupdate.
  • Yes, I mean in about:addons window ... not so an important thing, but it looks better with all buttons :-) PS: Sorry for new review, but I cannot reply to your msg and I haven't your email address ... PPS: Thank you for your great work!
    Funny thing is that I entered an support email address, but it seems like AMO has issues displaying it... :/You can see it on some other add-ons and themes by me, like https://addons.mozilla.org/thunderbird/addon/ignore-aero/I agree on the looks better thing. Let's see if I can find some time for that :)

    Edit: fixed in https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/aero-improved/versions/
  • I love this theme. What I don't love is that "rsjtdrjgfuzkfg" isn't testing ahead in beta versions of the next few releases so that it will be compatible with the new *.0 release on the day Mozilla brings it out. I hate seeing that damned default blue every time a new major version of Firefox is released.

    The lack of compatibility the day of a new release is the reason Aero Improved is only getting 3 stars.
    After an update is released I go roughly through it while doing regular browsing, and if I don't see issues I push the compatibility - however, keeping track with pre-release versions and doing real test cases in separate profiles (to not risk loosing any data) takes more time - time I don't have currently. If you want to improve the situation, feel free to test it in beta and alpha releases by yourself, and report if it's working and if not what's not working (via Mail). If I know all issues before the release of a version, I have a good chance in fixing issues and updating the compatibility before the actual release.

    If you're like "woah, that would be actual work, why doesn't he just test it early - I don't even get paid for that" then remember, I don't get paid for this either (unless you want to pay for it?). I basically share what I do for myself and this project must fit into my tight schedule (open source developers have a real life, too).

    I agree that the update situation on my themes is far from perfect, and I can also agree on the content of your rating; however I dislike you're not seeing any other option than me testing multiple releases.

    Thanks for loving the theme :P
  • Good job!
    Thank you!
  • I very much like this. I don't know why Mozilla is making the default so much like Chrome. I'd give 5 stars if there was an option to turn off the gradient effect. I'd rather have it one solid color tone.
    As far as I know themes cannot have options; however feel free to customize the design as much as you want, you can add an userchrome.css file, see http://kb.mozillazine.org/index.php?title=UserChrome.css

    For example you can change the background of toolbar and menubars with:

    menubar {
    background: #EEE !important;
  • It's perfect
    Windows 8 working 100%
  • Please, please, PLEASE update for Firefox 20! And thanks for this great theme!
  • My favorite theme for Firefox by quite a large margin. Eagerly awaiting an update for 20.0; using the default theme after using Aero Improved is terrible. Absolutely terrible.
    How did you install it in 20.0? I did not mark it as compartible, so you should not habe been able to install it. I marked it as compartible for now, but please contact me with the issues you run into, as I don't experience major glitches yet; you can find my email-address in the add-ons support section.

    Edit: new version released, wait for the AMO Review (some months) or download it directly at https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/aero-improved/versions/
  • Sadly the menu bar is completely grey and without the Aero effect in FF 19.0
    Unfortunately not useful for me at the moment.
    Did you try uninstalling all other add-ons? It works for me...
    Feel free to contact me via email (see support section).
  • This theme is exactly what I wanted. Simple and plain yet elegant.
  • Nice job on the theme,
    But there is a problem when moving sideways.
    By default theme when going all the way to the left/right on the toolbars will highlight the last button and you can click it.
    By using this theme, there is like a small border that prevents this,
    please fix.
    Could you email me a screenshot or something similar where you have issues? I did not fully understand your issue from what you wrote.

    From what I understood you have an issue with toolbars (which toolbar: Favorites, Main Toolbar, Add-on bar, Custom toolbars?) and some buttons on it (which buttons do you have on the left/right?). Can you write what you did, what you expected and what actually happened?
    Thanks for helping me find the issue!
  • It's perfect
    good work
  • Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  • This is precisely what I was looking for; I hate that powder blue but I didn't want a complete theme change either.