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I now have the item in my context menu, but nothing happens when I select it.IceDragon 21,

W7 x64

*Edit... Thanks very much for your reply, found it thanks!

I'm afraid this leads to other questions though sorry : ) The new Advanced entry shows at the bottom of the bookmarks list now, but only when it is opened from the toolbar. Not when it's opened in the sidebar or the Ctrl-Shift-B "Show All Bookmarks" window.

This is a bit of a pain as I have a lot of bookmarks so scrolling to the bottom every time takes ages (even more so as the toolbar list has no scrollbar). And it seems impossible to move your Advanced entry to any other position in the list.

I can get around this by shifting all my 'loose' bookmarks into a folder of their own, but it would be very handy if the Advanced entry were also visible in the sidebar/all bookmarks view, or even have a hot key to open the Advanced list.

Thanks : )

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You need click on Bookmarks and you will see item "Advanced bookmarks " where you can choose item for open. See screen shots.