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All the other reviews have stated the changes with default settings allowing for ads. I would like to remind users that if you are subscribed to any privacy filter list (fanboy, easy privacy) that you will not be affected by default by the new policy of allowing ads.

You can also turn it off yourself it is front in center in the options. That said, I can't agree to this change. It is just too arbitrary for something so momentous, and makes me fear for the future of this addon.

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In response to previous reviews, I found the developer very polite and responsive to feedback as much as possible (some people can't be satisfied and think that its their project). Also it seems the new version 1.3.6 has solved memory issues with Firefox 4.0. Version 1.3.6 has been already submitted to the Mozilla addon site and is awaiting review and approval, but the Mozilla addon review seem to be backlogged. The new addon review policy is here ( )

You can still download version 1.3.6 by clicking on "view all versions" at the bottom of this webpage (or mozilla adblock plus addon page) to view/download of any addons including their updates awaiting official mozilla review.

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