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Essential complement

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Well, I don't recognise these negative comments!! I've been using ABP for 3 weeks - it's brilliant! There's no crap ads + pages load like lightning.

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Великолепное приложение! Просьба почаще обновлять список рекламных сайтов для блокировки.

AdBlock Plus, has extra filters. Also it is no AdBlock. Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

This is a great add-on, not only does it block ads. It also allows me/you to select tracking/malware/social filters to better your privacy. Currently it is better than Ghostery. (http://www.areweprivateyet.com/). Most people get this confused with AdBlock from Chrome. (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adblock-for-firefox) However reading a few articles help me clear up the misunderstanding between the two. (https://palant.de/2014/07/29/which-is-better-adblock-or-adblock-plus) and (http://readwrite.com/2014/08/01/adblock-plus-switch-adblock) and (http://jackworld.xyz/adblock-vs-adblock-plus/). The only gripe I have with it is there is no way to turn off the easy-list filter for a site, while keeping the malware/tracking/social filters on. Hence I am reading a web-comic and want them to be able to make money off the ads, However I still want to have my privacy.

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Works Great when you set your list use this on all my computers

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Яркий пример, когда не оригинальное расширение, но удобнее, обгоняет оригинальное ))

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Frankly, with all the raving reviews on here mine is bound to get lost but hey, this is one heck of an amazing add-on, I absolutely have to write this.

After about 2+ years using this add-on I have come to value it just as much as Firefox itself. This has given me the internet back. I feel like the internet has become this trash heap of advertisements and pop-ups- so much so that many sites were hard to enjoy. But this wiped out everything. I don't get any pop-ups (other than "sign up" messages), no side-line advertisements, no Youtube advertisements. In fact this does it's job so well I have to disable it to play online flash games and to use my school website for HW.
I will say that if your computer has a virus- like my sister's did- it is possible this will have no effect on Mozilla. That's never happened to me but I did see it happen to my sister.
People can say that advertisements pay for their sites but you know, after being the victim of pop-ups for years I think I have the right to enjoy the internet for what it is- a place to get away.
Thank you for creating this. Thank you.

The BEST Firefox add-on that should be installed on EVERY computer. Period. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This is simply THE BEST add-on and one of the first pieces of software I install on every new machine I get my hands on. I am very surprised people complain about some ads that manage to squeeze through - first of all, if you don't like the add-on, please, go ahead, uninstall it and try to find another one that works better. Secondly, there is a rich functionality that allows you to add new blocking rules - if you find something that you don't want to see and it is still visible, just spend a couple of minutes and get it blocked (download ABP Element Selector for it). Thirdly, if you believe there is a conspiracy between ABP authors and other _parties_, just stop using this add-on and start browsing websites without it (apparently, like 90% of users still do).
My only real complain (well, not really a complain, but rather a suggestion) to authors is to work on other ways of selecting blockable elements in addition to existing CSS (ideally XPath). One of the common tasks that can be easily accomplished with XPath, but can't be in CSS in its current version is blocking the WHOLE parent element (e.g. large div or table) based on contents of ONE OF THE child/grandchild element. I understand this is not possible now, and I wish it is added later on as it opens very interesting opportunities around blocking ad-posts on community boards just based on their authors etc.

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Почему мое сообщение удалили, когда я спросил, насчет того что в сми пишут об этом дополнении ? (Microsoft и Google заплатили AdBlock Plus за показ их рекламы ). Стоит ли доверять этому дополнению или перейти на другое аналогичное ?

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Can't even imagine browsing the internet without this add-on. As long as some form of adblock has been available for Firefox(/Firebird), I've used one. Some sites with their animated ads are absolutely unusable without adblock when using such an old computer as I am (Lenovo T60).

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I Am Gaetting A Lot A new bugs from the new update of this week and on google and fire fox plz fix it not the New Ad Block not working at all any more.

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thank you for this very useful add-on I never surf the internet without it

Без рекламы просто супер! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Спасибо за приложение. Какое удовольствие бороздить просторы интернета и любоваться не рекламой, а только тем, что нужно. Низкий поклон разработчику.
В связке с Element Hiding Helper это вообще супер. Отключаю на любимых сайтах те элементы, какие считаю не нужными т.е. различные информационные блоки или что то другое.

Awsome, Awsome, Awsome. Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This add-on is the first add-on I install on any system, Win,Mac or Lin. I cannot rate it highly enough, It's simple to use and very effective,

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The monetary support received from white-listed publishers IMO guarantees long term upkeep to ABP, including bug fixing, lists maintenance, and porting.

For the commies disliking business models, ABP provides an option to entirely disable white lists.

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Adblock plus is simple goodness. I have scorched the web trying to find addons better than this (here I mean lower memory consumption with same adblocking power. I found Bluhell to be adaquate to many popular U.S. websites, but since I visit foreign websites and less popular sites I need more efficiency than Bluehell offers), but with no luck.

I, with a sincere heart, cannot understand those who complain that this addon is a fraud or memory consumption is "ludicrous." This is simply not true. RAM consumption is relatively low and if your computer cannot handle addons like this then I suggest it's time for your to upgrade your computer or scan it for viruses and malwares.

Thank you Palant for this addon.

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This add-on has saved me from myself in a variety of ways. I love how I can block certain addictive sites entirely, always, and limit my use on others. Every time I see the Leechblock page pop up when my time has run out, I have a momentary surge of panic and rage, then feel elated and free. Internet addiction is a strange thing.

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Nice add-on. Works great. Thanks.

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Great app!