A great utility, with diligent developers... Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Sometimes a great product sneaks up on you and improves your life in ways you never anticipated...like glove-soft Italian shoes, heated car seats or Tivo.

ABP is one of those. In many ways, its the ideal online minion...performing its assigned tasks efficiently, autonomously & unobtrusively, yet responsive to correction with just a couple mouse-clicks. ABP handles a suite of chores that most of us couldn't do for ourselves - and which, in fact, once seemed impossible - but which we would now find difficult to give up. And it does all this for free.

I'd say its perfect, but in the ever-changing world of online advertising, there's no such thing. Finding a new, annoying ad is as easy as clicking on the next tab. Luckily, the guys behind ABP (and its supported filtersets) are aggressive in their pursuit of perfection. Multiple, automated updates are provided, every month; they even host a discussion board, soliciting user comments and field-reports.

AdBlock Plus is one of the best FF extensions and I give it my unreserved recommendation.

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