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Don't feel bad about using Adblock Plus - you are not destroying the Web.

Think about advertising-supported services carefully. An advertiser is not going to pay a website $10,000 for the website to put up ads unless the advertiser figures it will take in $10,000 in profits (or at least in sales) versus not spending the money. Let's further assume that an advertiser spends more time figuring this out than you spend on figuring the opposite (i.e., how to not buy something you didn't need in the first place but for some slick ad), so they will get their money.

Suppose that $10,000 covered 100,000 eyeballs (put in whatever numbers you like, the argument is the same). Now the website operator stands to collect $.10 from my pageview (on average) and the advertiser expects me to up my spending by $.50 (on average) or so, in order to increase the advertiser's profits by $.10 per person.

Since I am a capitalist and an environmentalist, here is what I have done. Rather than buy stuff I don't need and pollute the planet as that stuff is manufactured in China or elsewhere far away, shipped to me, trucked to the landfill and buried, at a cost of $.50 to me (on average), I put a dime into a jar next to my computer. That dime belongs to the excellent and clever webmaster that created the content I so enjoy.

The content provider needs to figure out how to cost effectively come and pick up their dimes. But, please, don't make me buy more junk or feel inadequate about my looks/finances/travel/etc.

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