Absolutely Fantastic! Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Absolutely Fantastic! I have several well respected plug-ins installed to increase my browsing experience but Adblock Plus exceeds its expectations by far. This is simply a plug-in for everyone to have.

The filters included with the plug-in a sufficient enough to browse without the bother of crude or flashing advertisements every time you visit a site.

You can easily add and remove filters from sites with a click of a button or two. This not only stops irritating advertisements but it also reduces the bandwidth used for each website to load due to the reduced content.

I'd also recommend adding Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper also built by Wladimir Palant to help block DIV and Paragraph content that you also dislike.

I'd give this plug-in a rating of 11 if I could!

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