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ABP should come standard with Firefox. It's the FIRST thing I install in new FF setups. If I were limited to only one add-on, ABP would be it.
No problems or conflicts with it, ever.
The ability to compact the relevant material as ad-pollution is removed is one of its best features.
The ability to create custom filters is GREAT, it's also easy and fun to learn how to build filters with wildcards so you don't need a zillion separate filters to can a mess of junk from a site.
There are a couple of really cluttered websites that I use often, (especially an old email account that I need to keep) that are just so chock-full of ads (for stuff I wouldn't be interested in in a million years) that the usable space is a joke and the worst part is that the pages take soo long to load that going back and forth to the inbox a dozen times takes so long it's infuriating. AdBlock-Plus allowed me to make a custom filterset for this email site that strips it down to nearly bare text (even stylesheets can be nixed), reducing the amount of time to load the page from 45-plus seconds down to 8 to 10 seconds!
This time-saving afforded by ABP gives me back a full 40-hour week over the course of about a year when factoring in the several sites I strip down in this manner.!

OH, I have to get on the soap-box for a minute here:
To all the people who who whine that ads provide critical income to support websites:
On sites pertaining to things I'm truly interested in in life, I let some ads through because hey, I might actually find something of interest once I'm *done* doing what I need to do on the site, BUT when I'm trying to read a bunch of emails, fox example, the LAST THING ON EARTH I still would never even entertain the thought of buying is a mortgage or car insurance from a blinking car or flashing, jumping house invading my screen.Gimmee a break!
"Targeted advertising", the excuse for tracking cookies, is a load of bull also. Even when I used to let third-party cookies through, I never, ever received ad content pertaining or even remotely tailored to *any* of my specific interests.
Websites that block ABP, taking away my CHOICE of when and whether to view ads will *never* get visits from me, and I will intentionally avoid products from their advertisers, and let their advertisers know why I bought from a competitor.

That all said, I also applaud Vladimir Palant's ABP website for being simple, easy to read, and incredibly lightweight. It's a refreshing breath of air in these days when websites needlessly fatten and bloat up in direct proportion to advances in computer speed and connection bandwidth.
If more websites were designed by Mr. Palant, we could read and absorb information from the web much faster and wouldn't need quad-core CPUs and cable-modem bandwidth to just load pages of reading material quickly.

I spread the word of ABP like gospel in every conversation I have about browsers or the Internet.

Kudos to Mr. Palant and ABP!

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.0.2).