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  • not working!!
  • This thing doesn't work. At all.
    Maybe it worked in the past, but now it doesnt. It does not imnsert a download button in a DM page, as it claims.
  • I can not see anywhere the button.
  • it will work
  • doesn't work
  • Doesn't work. No dowload button - 3/9 2017
  • This extension stopped working, but another one works (but at least in my case, it makes Firefox chopy during downloading - but gets fine when finished): https://addons.mozilla.org/en-Us/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/
  • No Download button
  • My guess is that it's broken since DailyMotion switched to using the video mediasource: URL. I've been poking around looking for a way to download the stream from mediasource: but haven't found anything yet. (Presumably I'd have to modify the HTML, or at worst writing my own browser..). Of course, it might be even if you could, it would take as long to download it as to just watch it.
  • Does not work !!!!
  • No download button anywhere. Doesn't work with Pale Moon either.
  • It just does not work. No downloading button.
  • Simply don't work.
  • Where is that button?
  • does not work
  • the download button is grey and does not work
  • I've had this add-on for about 5 years now. When this works, it's great. Other times, you have to re-load the page a couple of times to work. Now it doesn't work at all--the download button never turns dark--ever! I've now found that "Flash and Video Download" works with Dailymotion and gets the entire video! Goodbye 1-Click, I'm tired of a non-working add-on.
  • Never worked!!!

    The youtube version is great but this is just useless.
  • This one is dead.. however youtube downloader still grabs dailymotion vids.. for now.. just used it and it still works. As of Oct 15th
  • You can have a look to this module which is still maintained :

  • as mentioned by others recently, this doesn't work yet for the recent versions of Firefox 39 and 40 - it doesn't seem to have been updated since 2013 December 29 (Version - so it is approaching 2 years out of date.

    It started to have issues up until at least Firefox 36 (but still worked via a work-around (start download, view download queue, then close and reopen Firefox).

    At the present it doesn't even allow the download button to be enabled.

    working version would have had 4-5 stars
    currently only 2 or less since it doesn't work

    2015-10-14 update
    reply to Vincent Duvernet's comment October 3, 2015
    I tried video-downloadhelper ... it also is unable to do Dailymotion
    so I am suspecting the site, Dailymotion, might have changed their permissions to block this sort of thing?
  • I like this addon very much.
    Currently it is broken due to dailymotion recent change.
    can some one fix it?
  • This was a good add-on when it worked. It hasn't worked in over a week. The button is greyed out.

    Please post an update as to whether a new version is on the way.
  • I just downloaded this, & it doesn't work! The button is there but its Grayed Out & I can't click on it! Please Fix!!!