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Naming Wrongs

Righting naming wrongs.

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Agregados December 3, 2016

Nguyen Tuan

Không phận sự miễn dùng

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Agregados November 16, 2016


Плагин позволит облегчить ежедневную рутину по полетам на кометы и аномалии. - Подсветка комет - Подсветка аномалий - Подсветка ресурсного типа комет и аномалий - Определение количества инженеров, необходимого для вывоза всех ресурсов из комет

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26 usuarios
Agregados November 15, 2016


Browser addon for using send2cgeo feature of c:geo. It allows you to send geocaches directly from your desktop browser to c:geo on your phone.

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16 usuarios
Agregados November 12, 2016

Trump Taco

Make Trump Taco Again: Replaces "Trump" with "Drumpf" and "Wall" with "Taco".

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25 usuarios
Agregados October 31, 2016


Extension making 'The Settlers Online' collectibles easy to find!

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202 usuarios
Agregados October 29, 2016

Yahoo! NBA Schedule Analyzer 2016-17

This extension shows you how many games each of your players have in a given week (based on their team's schedule).

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12 usuarios
Agregados October 25, 2016


This extension will create a gif animation from a html5 canvas element (the HTML5 canvas is commonly used for online games)

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11 usuarios
Agregados October 21, 2016

Thielblock Plus

This extension blocks certain websites associated with Trump major donor Peter Thiel.

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47 usuarios
Agregados October 19, 2016


Soyez au courant quand Mahyar commence à streamer !

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Agregados October 15, 2016

Search Preview (for Steam)

View screenshots for games within the Steam search page with this extension. Rather than having to go to each individual game page to see screenshots, you can now see the screenshots for every game on the search page itself.

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18 usuarios
Agregados October 14, 2016

Jean-Baptiste Show Extension Live

Soyez au courant dès que le JeanBaptisteShow est en live et rejoignez Ibonek sur Twitch !

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11 usuarios
Agregados October 9, 2016

Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is a web application to monitor the nutritional value of meals and tracking exercises during the day

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Agregados October 9, 2016


Access millions of TV shows, movies, songs, games and more.

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22 usuarios
Agregados October 5, 2016

BF4 Battlepack Opener

This extension adds a button to the Battlefield 4 Battlepacks page that will automatically open all unopened battlepacks.

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16 usuarios
Agregados October 4, 2016

Limpa URL

Remove os protetores de link e facilita o download do arquivo desejado

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67 usuarios
Agregados October 3, 2016

Spitation Extension

Viens et apprécie l'Arabeast faire son show ! Attention tu risquerais t'amuser.

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8 usuarios
Agregados October 2, 2016

EpicNote2 Necesita reiniciarse

Bouton de connexion au jeu

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9 usuarios
Agregados October 1, 2016


Deixando seu managerzone mobile.

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4 usuarios
Agregados September 21, 2016

LoL Boards Rank

A simple extension for showing all the votes a player has.

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9 usuarios
Agregados September 17, 2016