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OneNote Web Clipper

Guardar algo de la web en OneNote. Recortarlo en OneNote, organizarlo y editarlo y después acceder desde cualquier dispositivo.

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Plná Peněženka Lištička

Doplněk Vás automaticky upozorní vždy, když je možné při nákupu v obchodě získat peníze zpět z nákupu.

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Vérifiez les nouveautés de vos sites préférés en 1 click.

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Nepi Jano!

Bezplatné čítanie platených Piano článkov na

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Yahoo Homepage

This extension automatically sets as your homepage and new tab page.

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Polskie Radio podcast download

Obsługa wbudowanego playera, aktualizuj:

Dodaje opcję pobierania (link "Pobierz") podcastów ze stron Polskiego Radia do plików MP3/FLV na dysk.

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DeepDyve Plugin

DeepDyve Plugin for FireFox

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Pocket Hits Destacados

Adds a Pocket Hits panel to your Firefox for Android home page.

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Аддон дозволяє застосовувати Coral Distribution Network для перегляду кешованих сайтів суспільних організацій, що протягом останнього часу підверглись атакам (,,,, )

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web20zensur Add-on add-on for Firefox for Android (Native)

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tumblr Original Posts Only

Hide tumblr posts that are reposts. Use this functionality to view only the original content you are interested in.

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Cora Report

CORA's mission is to expose toxic web content parading under the banner of "news." With input from our viewers, we'll highlight the most inspiring, and the most outrageous—the green and the red—in online reporting.
Join the fight! Download our App!

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Manga Tree

Notify user when the new chapter of bookmarked manga is available.

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Submit links to ZERRG!

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Wallabag v2

Post webpages to your Wallabag v2 server

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Browser Virtual Keyboard

A virtual keyboard that lets you type characters right on the Firefox web browser of your computer

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A screen-sharing extension

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A simple add-on to get current weather data.

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You're Not So Special

Turns off links from opening in new tabs on selected websites.

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QuickNews is a news Add-on which lets you view different news by categories.Clicking on a news category will show the various news headings and abstracts related to that category.

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