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User Agent Switcher Compatible con Firefox 57+

Sustituir al agente de usuario del navegador

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ydwd Compatible con Firefox 57+


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Memory Optimizer

An add-on to Optimize Memory easily and perform Free memory operations without visiting about:memory. The best Memory Optimizer!

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SYSTRAN - Translator and Dictionary

SYSTRAN Extension can translate any webpage in one click.

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VITacademics Enhancement Suite Compatible con Firefox 57+

* New * Minor adjustments.

** A Must Have Extension for VIT University, Vellore students **

The ease of use and speed you've been looking for - the functionality and extensibility you didn't know you needed.

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Otworz film z cda w nowej karcie

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Country Flags & IP Whois Compatible con Firefox 57+

Displays country flag of website's server location, Whois and Geo info on a browser addressbar icon

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CuteDev Eimza Compatible con Firefox 57+

Bu eklenti ile chrome üzerinden elektronik imza atabilirsiniz.

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Learn English Pronunciation Compatible con Firefox 57+

Learn English Pronunciation by listening to Real Life English. You can listen even in slow motion and spoken by about 25 different persons in 3 (4) different English Accents: American English, British English and Canadian English.

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ViewCached Compatible con Firefox 57+

Checks the cached version of the site on

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Log Me In (e10s compatible Secure Login)

An elegant in-page login manager similar to Opera's Wand login (Android and e10s Friendly). For Firefox > 51, try my WebExtension implementation:

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IPA opnametool

This Firefox addon will make screenshots of web pages, optionally based on an external list of urls and save them in pdf format. For the moment the interface is in Dutch only!

This add on uses jsPDF (

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Gothic dictionary Compatible con Firefox 57+

A small Gothic dictionary in the browser which displays translations of words..

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Odoo toggle debug Compatible con Firefox 57+

This add-on allow to switch / switch back debug mode in Odoo 9 by pressing Alt-Shift-X (was Ctrl-Shift-X in 1.1)

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Epoch Converter Compatible con Firefox 57+

Convert unix epoch datetime to regular date format (MM/DD/YYYY) in GMT and local timezones and vice versa.

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Interpret screen-sharing

This extension enables screensharing for Interpret.World platform.

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TIFF viewer Compatible con Firefox 57+

Intercepts any resource requests that end in .tif or .tiff and converts them into data urls using an emscripten port of libtiff.

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Netaccess Plus

A one-click Netaccess authenticator for IIT Madras students.
Now also supports the new Fortigate Firewall.

(iProxy: Automatic proxy switcher for IITM students)

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Shop at Best

Shop at Best firefox extension

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Hot QR codes Compatible con Firefox 57+

Easy, fast, hot QR codes generator of the current browser page. Also available as web application at:

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