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ScreenShare Enable

Screenshare add on basic App

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Agregados October 18, 2016


Fast JSON highlighter - shows items count/size, handles large files, collapse items

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Agregados October 14, 2016

Oxford English Dictionary

Looking up Oxford English Dictionary quickly while browsing an english website

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137 usuarios
Agregados October 9, 2016


Δείτε το Visibility Ranking κάθε ιστοτόπου που επισκέπτεστε.

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Agregados September 28, 2016

网站 IP 信息查询

查询当前访问网站的 IP 地址的地理位置,国旗,所属 ASN,端口开放信息等信息。

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Agregados September 28, 2016

Mango Voice Click2Call

Click2Call with MangoVoice, MangoVoice telephony service required. Contact us today to for more information.

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1 usuario
Agregados September 27, 2016

TutorMe Screen Sharing

This Firefox extension enables screen sharing for the TutorMe online tutoring platform.

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Agregados September 23, 2016

HTML5 one-click checker

An extension for checking HTML5 validity in one-click.

Send the source of your current tab to W3C HTML5 validator ( and display the result

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125 usuarios
Agregados September 23, 2016

DDG Google

Google for searching DuckDuckGo for bangs!

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Agregados September 13, 2016

PointMp3 | Download youtube to mp3

Add a button to Youtube video directly, allowing you to download it's audio content as mp3 file instantly using

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Agregados September 2, 2016

ST CoRE Web Extension

Quickly access your SmartThings CoRE dashboard

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16 usuarios
Agregados August 18, 2016

My Spot Plugin

Extension to remember MySpot users to make reservations

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21 usuarios
Agregados August 16, 2016

Linguee it!

Displays words and sentences translation using Linguee™

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Agregados August 11, 2016

screen share

Screen share allow you to share your screen with other participants.

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Agregados August 11, 2016


Smsonline sms checker.

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Agregados August 6, 2016

External Video Player

Feel free to open any video with your favorite video player! Thanks to this extension you will be able to open online videos with any native video player like VLC, MxPlayer, etc.

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Agregados July 29, 2016


Otworz film z cda w nowej karcie

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Agregados July 23, 2016

screen share add-on for firefox

A basic add-on

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Agregados July 14, 2016

Pathship Screen Sharing

An add-on for screensharing

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Agregados July 13, 2016


An addon for exposing a local TCP/Bluetooth proxy to web content. Do not install this addon unless you want untrusted web content talking to local servers over TCP.

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Agregados July 12, 2016