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El Trece en vivo Sin reiniciar

Permite ver El Trece en vivo a cualquier hora, todos los días de la semana, desde la web oficial eltrecetv.com.

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İTÜ Ninova Ders Gör Sin reiniciar

İTÜ Ninova ders bilgi sistemine girdikten sonra ders kodlarının yanında, ders adlarını da görmenizi sağlar!

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5 usuarios

Text Rewriter Sin reiniciar

Rewrite customizable patterns in a page. Created mostly for personal amusement, inspired by XKCD #1288 and "cloud to butt." By default provides a sensible "mispell" -> "misspell" replacement.

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usi (User|Unified Script Injector) Sin reiniciar

nutze UserScripts auf deinem Firefox für Android mit usi!

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APIdog LongPoll Sin reiniciar

Это расширение позволит Вам использовать стабильный LongPoll на сайте APIdog.

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seppo_on_tulikettu Sin reiniciar

Removes read limitations from online newspapers.

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26 usuarios

Gayburg Panel Sin reiniciar

Premette di visualizzare le ultime notizie di Gayburg dall'home page di Forefox per Android.

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Global Twitch Emotes Sin reiniciar

Twitch culture wherever you go! This extension replaces all Twitch.tv emote phrases with their actual emoticons

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Zero Internet Sin reiniciar

How does zero-rated Internet feel like? Find out yourself.
You should complete 100 days without Internet to get in the right frame of reference before installing this add-on.
Uninstall/disable to browse.
Read extended description for details.

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DuckDuckBang Sin reiniciar

An add-on for adding touch-friendly !bang buttons to the DuckDuckGo search results page.

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엔하위키에서 리그베다위키에서 나무위키로 Sin reiniciar

리그베다위키의 링크를 나무위키로, 엔하위키 미러의 링크를 나무위키 미러로 이동시켜줍니다.

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Plain Text Copier Sin reiniciar

Copy only the plain text from the selected text

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131 usuarios

Tab Bucket Sin reiniciar

Tab Bucket saves the currently opened tabs to quickly restore them when desired.

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econoRead Sin reiniciar

Are you tired from not being able to read articles in the economist online (economist.com) because it says you've reached your weekly limit? Me too!
With this add-on you will be able to read as many articles on the site as you wish with no worries

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Toggle System Colors Sin reiniciar

Use CTRL-SHIFT-C to toggle system colors on and off

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79 usuarios

GitHub: Fixed Sin reiniciar

Various stylistic improvements for GitHub.

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3 usuarios

Screen-sharing extension for snap.md Sin reiniciar

Screen-sharing extension for snap.md

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56 usuarios

Hacker News Helper Sin reiniciar

Adds a button that searches the current page's url against the news.ycombinator.com api.

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DBPedia Spotlight Firefox addon Sin reiniciar

Firefox addon that annotates entities using DBPedia Spotlight service.

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7 usuarios

Trespond Screensharing Sin reiniciar

Extension for screensharing in Trespond.

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19 usuarios