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Scouting Aarle-Rixtel Sponsorkliks Compatible con Firefox 57+

Steun Scouting Aarle-Rixtel door eenvoudig gebruik te maken van Sponsorkliks.

Deze plugin toont automatisch een melding wanneer je een aangesloten webshop bezoekt waarmee je ons gemakkelijk kunt steunen.

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1 usuario

Make Twitter Square Again! Compatible con Firefox 57+

This addon removes the rounded avatars, buttons, etc. and reverts the icons back to the old, square Twitter design!

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9 usuarios

Playsian Compatible con Firefox 57+

Gives you easy access to your favorite games on Playsian.

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15 usuarios

买买提 Compatible con Firefox 57+


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Twitter Verified Account Sunglasses Compatible con Firefox 57+

This thing changes Twitter Verified checkmarks into poop emojis. Icon by Proycontec, CC BY-SA 4.0

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Format Link Compatible con Firefox 57+

Format a link and copy it to the clipboard in your favorite format.
You can use the toolbar button or context menus to copy.
You can escape meta characters, for example ] (closing square bracket) in markdown title.

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10 usuarios

TIFF viewer Compatible con Firefox 57+

Intercepts any resource requests that end in .tif or .tiff and converts them into data urls using an emscripten port of libtiff.

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12 usuarios

Switch Direction Compatible con Firefox 57+

Switch Direction in edits, useful for mixed RTL and LTR texts editing.

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3 usuarios

Error Notifier Compatible con Firefox 57+

Adds an error icon to your browser, informs of JS-errors

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Facebook Messenger as a Sidebar Compatible con Firefox 57+

Displays a sidebar that lets you talk to your friends using Facebook Messenger.

Icon by Yuliia Osadcha (https://www.iconfinder.com/Juliia_Os)

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24 usuarios

Notifications for Spotify Compatible con Firefox 57+

Add notifications to https://open.spotify.com/

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4 usuarios

Classic Twitter UI Compatible con Firefox 57+

Simply revert the new Twitter.com appearance.

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7 usuarios

Metro tab Compatible con Firefox 57+

A simple new tab page like windows metro

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14 usuarios

Mystique-FF Compatible con Firefox 57+

This Add-on produces background traffic while you are normally surfing the web, obscuring your real user profile by opening websites at random. There are options that let you define how much and what sort of traffic this Add-on produces.

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13 usuarios

Vue.js devtools Compatible con Firefox 57+

DevTools extension for debugging Vue.js applications.

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Kissapop Compatible con Firefox 57+

Pop a video tab from a kissasian page, bypassing anti-addblocking measure

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11 usuarios

nBox Compatible con Firefox 57+

Sign up everywhere without your email

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19 usuarios

Achavi button Compatible con Firefox 57+

Add button links to Achavi webpage on changesets of the OpenStreetmap web history sidebar

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2 usuarios

Post to Abarjigay Compatible con Firefox 57+

Save images and facebook/youtube videos to your Abarjigay account quickly and easily with "Post to" button.

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7 usuarios

Web Developer Checklist Compatible con Firefox 57+

Analyses any web page for violations of best practices

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43 usuarios