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uBlock Origin Destacados

Por fin, un bloqueador eficiente con uso mínimo de procesador y memoria.

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Ads Cleaner

Remove the ads from the Search Results pages of Search Engines.Yahoo.com,google.com,youtube.com,baidu.com,ask.com and so on

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Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

Todoist is the beautifully simple to-do list built to help you do more and stress less.

Watch these intro videos 30 sec

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Aypierre en stream ?

Marre de rater le début des lives d'Aypierre ? C'est terminé, grâce a ce plugin soyez les premiers au courant !

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Highlighter with different colors, saving options, customizable highlight styles and undo/redo functionality.
Select some text, press M - done.
Changes can be stored in Textmarker history for later visits.

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Allows to browse Pinterest without login/registration, removing the offending modal popup.
- unlock scrolling
- redirect to the categories from home page
- force show the search bar

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Плагин автоматизирует работу с сервисом VipIP.ru
Установите, авторизуйтесь с логином и паролем от VipIP.ru, осуществите привязку соц. сетей.

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Word Count Tool

A word counter that counts the number of words, characters without any extra clicks. Just select the text and right click to select the context menu to invoke the report. It gives detail report about the numbers words, characters, sentences...

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Automatically redirects to user-defined urls on certain pages

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Toggle animated GIFs

Start/stop GIF animations through a keyboard shortcut or by clicking them. You can also restart animations from the beginning, or disable animations by default.

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Ad-Aware Ad Block

Ad-Aware Ad Block improves your browser’s speed and protects your privacy by blocking ads and trackers. It also improves online security by blocking malicious URLs and establishing the most secure connection available.

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Print Friendly & PDF

Makes a Printer Friendly & PDF version of any webpage. Removes navigation, ads, and junk. Formats the page for print so you save paper and ink. Good for the environment and your wallet.

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Mit dieser Erweiterung aktivieren Sie BVB-Start als Startseite für den Browser und neue Tabs. Damit verpassen Sie keine schwarzgelben Neuigkeiten mehr!

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start.me - personaliza tu página de nueva pestaña

Personaliza tu página de nueva pestaña en Firefox con este potente add-on.

Organiza todos tus Favoritos / Sitios Web, RSS / noticias, notas en un solo lugar.

Funciona en cualquier dispositivo PC, móvil o tableta.

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No Resource URI Leak

Deny resource:// access to Web content: We fill the hole to defend against fingerprinting. Very important to Firefox privacy. A direct workaround for bugzil.la/863246

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Blockiert die <canvas>-JS-API um Canvas-Fingerprinting zu verhindern.</canvas>

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FireX Proxy

FireX Proxy allows you to change your IP address. The proxy list updates about every minute.

Repository on github for developers: https://github.com/Exclumice/firex

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Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized

Good old Wikipedia gets a great new look

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PDF Viewer(discontinued)


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Privacy Settings

Alter Firefox's built-in privacy settings easily with a toolbar panel.

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