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  • I love this extension, it's very well done ( extensively tried in Linux & Windows10 ). And it doesn't pilfer my private data.
  • Disable/Enable scrolling when key is down don't work in Firefox 68.0
    Win10, Right or left - any button, alt or ctrl - any button. If button for disable not down - scroll when disable and scroll when enable
    in 7.3 don't work
    where is support email???

    My support email is "admin[a]FastAddons.com". You can find it also here on the page of my addon on the left side in the "More information" section, or you can find it in the Options page in the "About" tab, or you can find it on my homepage FastAddons.com on the bottom of the page.

    Please send me the exported file and I will try to reproduce it.
    Thank you.

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    Hello again,
    I've released new version 7.3 today that fixes many issues. If the problem is still present in the 7.3 version, please export your setting from the Options page and send me the file to my support e-mail.

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    Could you please write me on my support email more details?
    What scrolling button and operating system are you using?
    And what button are you using for disable.
    Thank you for reporting bugs!

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Thank you
  • Great addon, it helps a lot especially for Linux users where scrolling is a bit weird
  • Good extension. But I can not achieve a smooth picture when moving long pages. The picture often twitches. I could not find the parameters. What parameters need to be set?

    Was it working before and now it's not smooth? If yes, please contact me to my support e-mail.
    Anyway I've removed the options for smooth control because the scrolling is now controlled automatically based on your screen refresh rate - this is the right way to do it.
    However on complex pages, your Firefox may just not be fast enough - to be really smooth it needs to move the page 60 times per second, which is a lot (even for Chrome).

    I'm not sure there is anything I can do about it, but the good news is that as Firefox gets faster, the problem will go away :)

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • It works great!

    If I may give one suggestion:
    - The blacklist should be visible in the options menu
    +++ It should be a bit more specific, like for example if I didn't want to blacklist the whole site of Google.com just Google.com/maps/

    Thanx again!
    I've just released new version 6.2 that adds new fields into the Options page where you can manage disabled domains plus add specific URL or URL parts that should be disabled, for example by adding "google.com/maps*" into the list "Disabled on pages / sub-pages".

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    Very good points, I will try to implement both in the upcoming version 6.2.
    Thank you for the feedback!

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Tried with touchpad, not working, but works with mouse.
  • excellent add-on like it very much, thanks lot
  • Very nice. It's got all the settings it needs to make it work perfectly. Probably one of the best-made add-ons. (although i never ended up using it, and thus uninstalled it :S)
  • Enfin une vraie utilité au clic molette sur Windows !
  • 以前有个grab-and-drag的,但是现在找不到了,这个可以来代替,感谢作者贡献此插件!谢谢!你是最棒的!