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  • Leider funktioniert es in den neuen Firefox-Versionen nicht mehr.
    Ich kann nur hoffen, dass es bald auf die neue Technologie umgestellt wird.
  • Great Addon, well made basic GUI with no unnecessary bloat, does exactly what is expected of it... NICE!

    For those greeted with the message "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox."

    Right Click the "blue" add button and select "Save Link As" and save the file to your desktop then drag-and-drop into the Waterfox browser window and it should start the install.

  • pls add thish add ons
  • Please update it to Quantum because it was very useful and did its job well.
  • Was such a great tool but doesn't work in Firefox Quantum, but luckily we don't need it. Firefox has it built-in with "Saved Logins" in the settings. Usernames and passwords can be edited as well.

    Maybe this extension did more but these are what I used it for. I just came back to rate it and leave my 2 cents.
  • Another casualty to Mozilla's webExtension fiasco. such a shame that no standalone add-on such as this one exists for Quantum. everything needs a 3rd-party app/account to use.
  • We need Quantum version, please! :)
  • Why after going through all the fuss of making an account and the confirming account via email then cominig back can i not add to my firefox? The button doesn't work and it was a Mozila firefox post that directed me to this add on in the first place.https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/985006 Not only that but i have two firefox accounts and yet neither worked so i had to make another account with you Why? Sort yourself out!!!
  • This extension was so useful as a developer I am in and out of multiple websites constantly, often renaming the URL which then makes the normal password manager near useless.

    Being able to add and edit passwords at will was a great. Now I need to switch to waterfox to keep this functionality

    Saved Password Editor 5+
    Firefox -5 :(
    Waterfox 4+
  • Extraordinairement utile. J'espère qu'il sera porté à la version 57+.
  • the best one
  • Love it!
    Simple to use; hope to see it available for FF57+ soon.
    Until then, I'm sticking w/FF56....
  • Great extension. Thanks for the good job done!
    I've downgraded to Firefox ESR waiting for having the new API ready in Quantum.
    Looking forward to see this extension ported to Quantum. I hope you will manage!
  • كان من أفضل الإضافات
    كان يتيح:
    - أمكانية إضافة أرقامي السرية حتى ولو لم تكن متاحة من صفحات الويب
    - تغيير الرقم السري و الحساب

    أتمنى أن يقوم المطور بتحديثه.. أو أن تقوم موزيلا بترقية مديرها لكي يكون كهذا

  • This is one of the best add-ons. Saved me so much time and helped retrieve old passwords that I forgot about. I hope the developper will update the add-on or I might go to an old firefox version.
  • I use this extension all the time and is one of the main reasons I refuse to upgrade to Quantum.
  • Uno de los mejores complementos que he usado. Por favor actualizarlo a la nueva versión de Firefox.
  • addon bien pratique dommage qu'il n'existe pas pour Quantum...
  • wish we still had it it came in handy several times
  • Quantum, please. This is the best addon I ever had.
  • looking forward to get updated to Quantum Firefox versions. Hope will be updated soon.
  • I love that you can not only edit username and password but also the URLs. Also once can create logins even if the browser does not prompt to save it as it does not with many websites.Further even if firefox does not fill the password you can still eneter it to keep it safe.!
  • update to quantum version, please
  • Will Mozilla realize that by killing most useful add-ons with Quantum that most people will revert to old version of Firefox or switch to another browser all together? I will never upgrade to Quantum until I can use it the way I want to. I hope they take a good and long look at their numbers and see how many people are reverting back.