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  • Great! Easy to use - and it works. ;-)
  • удобно...
  • Exellent program :-)
  • I am finding this much better than the Evernote clipper, it works very well.
  • OneNote is one of my most used apps. Whether its my PC, laptop, iPhone, or iPad, I can access the info I need or save anything I find whenever and wherever I find it. It works well with every browser I use - Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and Safari.

    This OneNote Web Clipper Add-on for Firefox works really well. I used to use Evernote, until they started charging for using more than 2 devices. Much of the reason to have a web clipper is to be able to save or access saved things at any time any where you need it. Why pay extra for Evernote?

    At first, the interface may seem like it is not very powerful. I almost didn't switch because it seemed so rudimentary. But everything you need to write, edit, and save notes, web pages, PDFs, screen clippings, you name it is right there. And you can import excel spreadsheets or link to external ones if you wish. Its actually a very powerful tool, with a deceptively simple interface.
  • Sehr gut für Privat und Haupt-Notizbuch
    Bedauerlicher weise werden keine zwit, resp. sharepoint Notizbücher von Teams unterstützt :-(
  • 超级好用
  • Loved it, very useful to clip notes to Onenote
  • i totally love my web clipper