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  • 很好用。一点小意见:面板中无效的按钮能隐藏吗?
  • 好用嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻!
  • 已经遇到无数次升级就失效的 BUG,真心无语,这么久都没有修复。
  • Thank you for great addon!) It is like old easy dragtogo. It will be great, if it will can add all custom search engines of Firefox. For now i need to add them again manually in spite of that they are already in search engines of Firefox
  • A very bad practice to default to Baidu. Should've default to what ff is using.
  • 内置拖拽搜索强制使用百度,无法更改,差评
  • Must-have for me.
  • 非常好用,還有翻譯功能
  • Wow Fantastic! :)