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  • Sweet

  • Please Update for the new Firefox beta for Android. Thank you!

  • Fucking sucked balls

  • Firefox ya tiene una opción de 'salir' y permite borrar ciertos elementos cuando lo haces, miren bien en las opciones.

  • Does Not Work on Android....!!!

  • Lo he estado utilizando durante años porque es un excelente complemento. No lo puedo usar con mi actual versión de Firefox Android

  • Cleans quickly and throughly. Also gives you the choice of what you want gone.
    Top work by the Devs.

  • Löscht die Spuren im Netz!!

  • 0 stars needs to be a rating option.

  • Desperately needs an update as only partly functional.
    Where do you select the level of deletion? When I press the add on's button it just deletes everything without any choice given.
    Android 7, S7, Firefox.

  • Never ever make deleting all user information the default. It's great that you offer that option, but users should opt in. Your description says that the extension offers the ABILITY to delete everything implying that this it's not the default. You wasted hours of my life because your extension deleted everything.

  • It stopped working with Firefox 53.0.2. Can you please fix this add-on so it works it the latest release of Firefox?

  • love it, but cant downoad on beta version. Please update this soon, otherwise goolgle trys to control everything.

  • Excellent add on for pure confidential eork

  • Fonctionnel, pratique et rapide. Merci.

  • Cleans up the mess

  • Es genial

  • Very good app. I don't have to worry for leaving open tabs or leaving track of all my cruising inthenet

  • Tip top bravo à vous

  • CleanQuit does not work on FF 52.0.1 and Android 6.0. It does close the browser but does not clean anything.

  • Bad plugins.... All my saved passwords is gone. Now i need to restore it one by one.

  • All tabs get reopened and reload on next launch even after Clean quit.

  • It wiped out all my passwords, and because of sync they are going to be gone from my laptop, too if I'm not careful... Bullshit.

  • Attention mobile user!

    Before first use check app settings. Otherwise your saved passwords and forms will be deleted.

    Good job, developer

  • I first installed this about a year ago. Within the last month or two, it's become totally unreliable in actually clearing history or cookies. Sometimes it would work, others it wouldn't. Then I found it would work fine if I quit, then started FF again, then immediately quit again. Now it has completely stopped working. All that ever happens is that the app closes, but no data is ever cleared. None of my settings ever changed since install. I can't rely on something that doesn't work.