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In a little more detail...

It takes too little imagination to deal with rapturous unintelligence,
so if you are interested in limiting your potential.. GO ELSE WHERE !


I am more than what you see on the screen.
Before you decide you want to judge me; How about you get to know me first!
To most I come off as a bitch and/or a "freak". BUT it is entirely unintentional.
I'm a VERY paranoid person. I cry. I am a bit oldschool .. I use a lot of smiley faces when I type. I strongly dislike people who are EXTREMELY illiterate. I enjoy the dictionary and thesaurus. I eat way too much and I only weigh about 120.. I am very short. I don't get along with people my age, they're all idiots. Most of my friends are guys. The few female friends I have are the best! If you are reading this you must be bored or nosey. I like popsicles. I'm not a big fan of sweets. I prefer regular food. Sweets aren't regular to me. I chew on straws and anything else that is "chew"able, such as pencils, bottle caps, etc. I cannot sit still or in one position for more than 5 minutes.. I bite my nails. I L♥VE kitties! I sing, write poetry (sometimes I like to write in the theban alphabet). I play the piano & I try teaching myself to play songs on the guitar and I want to play the drums too ♥ I have a temper and a short fuse... I happen to be irritated very easily. Especially with family -.- I'm not afraid to admit that I am somewhat hypocrtitical at times. 32 is my favorite number.. Don't ask why, it just is. I am my own worst enemy. The things I do annoy myself. BUT all in all, I'm quite rad :] Te prometo! I'm bilingual. My moods are unstable. Soy probablemente una de las mas amables gente de buen corazon que conocera, but that often goes unnoticed. I dislike meeting people who have zero individuality and/or zero personality, strike my interest, don't bore me to death. I am actually a person of very few words, I observe more than I speak. I curse like a sailor. I simply was not born with enough middle fingers. I am most likely nothing like any other person you have encountered in your life, and I take pride in that. I like using words that people question and are unaware of their meaning. I am nocturnal.. If I had the choice, I would never see daylight again. I am not worth knowing. I have made my share of good and bad choices. Everyone has. I am not stuck up at all. We are all human, get over it. I do not care if you don't agree with me, nobody said you had to follow me. You and I breathe the same air, and walk on the same earth, neither of us is better than the other. Reading paragraphs about what I have to say about myself does not distinguish who I really am. So get to know me if you wish.. I might be the best, or worst thing to ever occur in your lifetime. ♥

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ICP!!!!! DWTC FOR LIFE!!!!!!!! :D <3