Executes JavaScript in the editing mail.

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DND Flavor Inspector

View drag and drop flavors

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Don't Forget CC


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Calendar Thumbnailer

Creates GNOME Thumbnails for ICS files

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This is a Joke Add-on.
Externals of Firefox and Thunderbird are changed.

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Account Manager Toolbar Button

This is a small devision of Toolbar Buttons https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2377/ or

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Orb VideoMail

Toolbar button for creating videomails OF ANY LENGTH right from within Thunderbird. This is videomail freed from attachments!

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This extension helps you to manage thunderbird mails using console commands like: dir, select, move, copy, delete, mark. The names and the syntax has been taken from the OpenVMS mail...

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FlatStyle for Thunderbird

This gives you a style similar to MS Office XP in your Thunderbird menus and toolbars, and Calendar as well if you have that installed. It also changes the category-selector in the options window to use your system colors, instead of always being...

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Move Search Items

Move the message search items to the...

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