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Version 0.2.0 148.1 kB Works with Thunderbird 37.0 and later

0.2.0, 27 Jun 2016

* Bug 6314: Prevent local timestamp disclosure via Date header
* Bug 6315: Prevent local timestamp disclosure via Message-ID header
* Bug 13721: Fix usage of wrong locale
* Bug 17426: Allow configuration of default email protocol
* Bug 15459: Add support for deterministic XPI generation
* Bug 11387, 13006: Fix non-standard EHLO argument
* Bug 17118: Allow manual account configuration for Gmail with OAuth2
* Bug 19031: Add and audit support for RSS reader
* Bug 7847: Audit and update support for NNTP
* Bug 10683: Update Thunderbird UI to reflect TorBirdy's state
* Bug 19330: Set secure defaults for outgoing mail servers
* Removed compatibility for older versions of Thunderbird and added support
for Thunderbird 37+.
* Added support for automatic configuration of Riseup email accounts.
* Updated various privacy and security settings (see commit 2bdeffbb for a
list of the changes)
* Update translations for existing languages

Version 0.1.4 150.6 kB Works with Thunderbird 10.0 and later

* Fix bug that prevented Thunderbird with TorBirdy 0.1.3 from starting
in profiles with more than three IMAP accounts (closes #14099, #13982,
#13722, #14007, #14130)

Version 0.1.3 150.6 kB Works with Thunderbird 10.0 and later

* The default keyserver (hidden service) has been updated:
- hkp://qdigse2yzvuglcix.onion
* Show the Sender header in message pane (closes #10226)
* Draft messages on IMAP accounts are now saved locally (closes #10309)
* Restore preferences to the user's own defaults instead of Thunderbird's
(closes #10588)
* network.proxy.no_proxies_on is no longer set to "localhost,"
(thanks to Carsten N.)
* Disable automatic downloading of new messages for POP3 accounts
(closes #11188)
* Update the reply_header author behaviour (closes #13480)
* TorBirdy is now available in 31 languages:
* Arabic
* Catalan
* Czech
* Danish
* German
* Greek
* English (US)
* English (Great Britain)
* Spanish
* Basque
* French
* Hebrew
* Hungarian
* Indonesian
* Italian
* Korean
* Latvian
* Norwegian Bokmål
* Norwegian Nynorsk
* Punjabi
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Portuguese (Brazil)
* Romanian
* Russian
* Slovak
* Slovenian
* Serbian
* Swedish
* Turkish
* Ukrainian

Version 0.1.2 115.6 kB Works with Thunderbird 10.0 and later

0.1.2, 02 Nov 2013
New options:
restore default TorBirdy settings
toggle checking of new messages automatically for all accounts
The minimum version of Thunderbird we now support is 10.0 (closes #9569)
`--throw-keyids' is now disabled by default (closes #9648)
We are no longer forcing Thunderbird updates (closes #8341)
Add support for Thunderbird 24 (Gecko 17+) (closes #9673)
Enhanced support for Thunderbird chat
We have a new TorBirdy logo. Thanks to Nima Fatemi!
Improved documentation:
Add new translations and updated existing ones
Please see the Transifex page for more information and credits

Version 0.1.1 87.0 kB Works with Thunderbird 3.0 and later

0.1.1, 20 Mar 2013
Add a dialog for new users that is shown during the first-run (closes #8238)
Do not confirm before sending an email if Enigmail is enabled; default
behavior changed from 0.1.0 (user opt-in allowed through the preferences)
Restore all account settings that were changed on uninstall
Allow the user to use Thunderbird's automatic configuration wizard in case
they don't want to use our manual account configuration wizard
Set the SOCKS port to 9150 to reflect the change in the latest TBB
Add opt-out from TLS-specific settings (closes #8420)
Allow additional keyservers to be used/changed (closes #8332)
Add Korean translation (thanks to cwt96)
Add Norwegian Bokmål translation (thanks to lateralus)
Add Galician translation (thanks to tombouzada)

Version 0.1.0 68.1 kB Works with Thunderbird 3.0 and later

0.1.0, 11 Feb 2013
Our first release in the Beta release series! Hooray!
Translation updates:
Add Gujarati translation (Kartik Mistry)
Add Dutch translation (thanks to Rejo Zenger)
Add Serbian translation (thanks to Nikola Nenadic)
Add Hungarian translation (thanks to vargaviktor)
Add Italian translation (thanks to spawned76, Michele Orrù and jan)
Add Basque translation (thanks to Antxon Baldarra)
Add Latvian translation (thanks to Ojārs Balcers)
Add Portuguese (BR) translation (thanks to Bruno Geronimo, Rafael Costa)
Add Polish translation (thanks to bogdrozd)
Add Greek translation (thanks to mitzie, konpas1986)
Add Chinese (Simplied) translation (thanks to ln191810)
Add Russian translation (thanks to Александр)
Add Arabic translation (thanks to alshara3, Fadi Mansour)
Update French translation (thanks for arpalord)
Update Spanish translation (thanks to Juan Garofalo, strel)
Added Transparent Torification mode for TorBirdy
Disable all plugins
Added opt-out from setting time zone to UTC
Add Tor-JonDo-Preferences quick switch (patch by Karsten N)
Support for Whonix (
Improved security: better SSL enforcement
Add Tails support

Version 0.0.13 42.7 kB Works with Thunderbird 3.0 and later

0.0.13, 28 Sept 2012
Translation updates:
Add Hebrew translation (thanks to Sharon Dvir)
Add French translation (thanks to N3b)
Update German translation (thanks to Karsten N)
Add Spanish translation (thanks to Juan Garofalo)
Code cleanup: prefixed generically-named IDs with TorBirdy namespace

Version 0.0.11 27.6 kB Works with Thunderbird 3.0 and later

0.0.11, 04 Aug 2012
Implemented an algorithm to generate time-independent message-ID (apply
the patches in patches/ to a custom Thunderbird build)
Remove the 'Reference' and 'In-Reply-To' headers when forwarding a message
Implemented a preference setting for TorBirdy with support for adjusting:
proxy settings
account-specific settings
Support for testing proxy settings:
Disable push email for IMAP
Various other stability fixes