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look for 'TagSieve'

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Not available for FF14.0.1 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Hi, seems it doesn't work in FF14.0.1. Would you please update it? It's really a great plugin!!

Not available for Firefox 11.0 Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Please update so that you can use in FF 11. Your program is the only sensible analogue

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Thank you very much.Tag is better than folder.

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Dear Chiiatsu
I was a big fan and user of tagsifter until I upgraded to FF4. Please upgrade it. I miss it so much.Thank you

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It's done! Something I should have done a month ago. People who are looking for a working replacement, look at TagSieve available here:

Now, about calls for working with me on the addon; I welcome it. We're all users of this addon and anyone who wants to contribute with features/bug fixes is appreciated. But, if it is only because you fear the addon being abandoned, I'd like to assure you again that now that I've released it, I'm committed to working on it.

My thoughts on how to go about it are outlined here: .

orderthruchaos, just let me publish my git repo and I'll add you to the committers (send me your public key)

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I agree with Christ Walte... If you are interested, you can find my contact info at

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why don't you and orderthroughchaos join forces. This way there are two people working on the project. And it is not down to one person. We've seen how this worked out right here.

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coaxcurrent, reddlemansfu, orderthruchaos and everyone:

Since my last announcement, I have had things come up and been incredibly busy the past month and haven't had time to work on it at all.

I just read the last few comments and felt pretty bad. I know how you guys feel. I didn't update as I did not want to commit to something I wouldn't be able to keep.

But I'm motivated now and have enough time to work on the addon. I will be uploading it in a couple of days (just setting things up and doing one final round of testing). The extension is functionally complete and should hopefully satisfy all fans of tagsifter.

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@coaxcurrent: I was also checking this page every few days for over a month before I finally gave up. But there's an easy solution that I wish I'd found months ago.

Install the Add-on "Nightly Tester Tools." It will add a button to the bottom right of the Add-ons window to "Override Compatibility." Just click on that. I'm running FF 3.6 with TagSifter now.

I've been using this set-up for a couple weeks now and I've only noticed one issue. In the sidebar after selecting several tags, there is no option to deselect them individually. There is only a single big white unlabelled button that deselects them all. But that's a small price to pay to have my TagSifter back.

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Hark, has something happened to your planned release? I check this page every few days, and I'm chomping at the bit for more powerful tagging tools. Do you want cupcakes? Beer? Beer cupcakes?

Review: Tagging is amazing for research, but Firefox's support for power-taggers (in my case, as a researcher) is lacking, and the other browsers are no exception. The set-operator search makes tagging in FF far more useful and powerful.

If only we had a nice, stable addon for 3.5!

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Everyone: sorry a bit of a delay here. I'll upload the fixed version this weekend.

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Thanks orderthruchaos for your support.

I'll just get everything set up over the weekend and should hopefully upload it on Monday.

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Please proceed... Once I see your URL, I will mark my project as inactive, change all info to point to your URL, etc.

I look forward to regaining full usage of this software.

Thank you.

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As promised, an update.

So I'm all set to maintain a fork of the extension. It fixes all presently known compatibility issues.

If that's fine with orderthruchaos, I will proceed. This is important as I don't want any issues come up later on and also with the AMO review process.

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Please be patient, there's no need to open needless clones of this extension.

Just give me until the end of this week; I'm just waiting for the consent of the developer.

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I have added an experimental version of this add-on here:

@hark: If you could fork from the git repository, and send me your changes, I'd love to see them. Especially if you got the drop-down tag menu to work.


I am thinking of opening up a project called TagSifter Redux. So far I have
been able to get all functionality except for the TagSifter drop-down menu
and Bookmark menu to work properly. Those two items are in need of heavy
maintenance. I did manage to get the "clear" button in the sidebar search
box to appear properly in Windows XP, Mac OS X and Portable Ubuntu (this is
FF 3.5 and 3.6).

I plan on working on the TagSifter drop-down and bookmark menus, but they may
take time. I believe the issues with the menu are due to changes required to access the Places database:

You can see the work I've completed already here:

Although I may change the repository URL at some point...

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It's such a wonderful extension that I got tired of waiting and have worked on and fixed all these issues.

I've been using my updated extension for a couple of months now and am willing to give the diff or maintain the extension if the owner does not want to.

I'll wait for a response from the present developer in the next few days. If not, I'll update everyone here with a new url for this addon.

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The extension works with the compatibility check disabled, but it causes high CPU usage during Firefox shutdown on Linux. It also prevents the firefox-bin process to properly shutting down. It seems there is some function running on an eternal loop during unload.

It would be great if orderthruchaos could fork it into a new extension. It's a shame that a great extension like this one is not maintained anymore.

Anyone has been able to contact the author to see if he will continue to support the extension? I also cannot see any info about the extension license. Does anyone knows under which license it has been released?