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I HATE the way newer builds of FF removed the status bar. If I wanted a user-stupid browser, I'd use chrome. There are, however, a few improvements which would be nice: 1) ability to rearrange add-on icons 2) ability to remove specific add-on icons (no-function vanity types like TheCamelizer, StackOverflowizer and less desired ones) - perhaps a S4E icon for an extended meu of these 3) checkbox options to remove download status indicators. These are superfluous with non-FF download managers)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2011. 

1/3) The Add-on toolbar is a regular toolbar, and the items that S4E adds are regular toolbar items. Just customize the toolbar and add/rearrange/remove as you desire. 2) Items that sill use the legacy statusbar item can not be modified by customizing the toolbar (these have a greyed-out background when customizing the toolbar). You should be able to use an extension like Organize Status Bar to modify these.