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> Leszek Życzkowski (Разработчик) на February 19, 2013 · permalink
> You can do it. Just click once button. Request will be disabled only for this message. You can check this going to Options menu in the message compose window.. You will see that item Return Receipt is unchecked.

I understand that the button itself works. What is not working is displaying its current state: when account default is On it displayed as disabled on the button, not enabled, when write window is launched. It is just visually confusing and remembering each time when it is truly disabled and when it is just incorrectly displayed is real pain especially using mail a lot.

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This issue was corrected in the next version which is under translation. Please, if you have any questions and remarks or functionality problems report me by email which is on add-on listing. Reviews aren't good place for discussion about issues.