Wrong default locale, I cannot change it, and a BUG Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Excellent add-on, but unfortunately it's too much intrusive : it forces me to a default locale which is not my country (fr-FR, France), whilst I've set fr-CA (Canada) into Firefox prefs.js (about:config) AND in the plugin itself, but no can do. It just doesn't work : every time I navigate a new page, I need to tell this plugin to change the locale to my real default instead of its own untouchable default forcing me to France (fr-CA as stated in Firefox's config file which is itself accessible via about:config). Consequently the list in prefs.js is growing fast, I'm affraid it'll get so huge that it could clutter and slow down things. This combined with the intrusive behavior of having the plugin always change my desired locale to another one, obliges me to uninstall it : unfortunately it does not work as advertised for some Firefox localization (or for some default locale setting within the plugin itself which CANNOT be changed even though it's not the same default locale as the one adevrtised to it by Firefox).More over, there's a BUG : whenever I change the language to French from Firefox's contextual menu (so as to use another dictionary but without the will of changing the header's locale for the whole page), the plugin's locale also changes automatically and against my will ; moreover, it changes back to fr-FR, NOT fr-CA, even though it's specified that fr-CA should be the one since it's the one that is set as default into Firefox. That's an annoying bug...A very promising plugin, but some coding design MUST be revisited.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (