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This is my favorite cause theme!!!!

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if only more people had taken notice of his socialist ideology in practice and word

Bleeding to fight socialists and communists and then generations later electing one is spits on the graves of those who died for our freedom

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all my laptops wear this stirring persona

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I printed this on a shirt (non-commercial) for myself

thanks much!

social cancers grips America with second hand Rated 5 out of 5 stars

the pedantic scree from the swede was truly comical

let not freedom die in our generation lest we devlove to the swede level

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free speech is FOR EVERYONE

it cost the blood of patriotic americans... who fought against national socialists (nazis) in the first two world wars

it is sick that people vote in socialism in the greatest country in the world

vile are the fucktards who promote socialism and perverse are their fans, and deranged are those who tolerate evil Rated 5 out of 5 stars

TWO THIRDS of those eligible to vote cannot be bothered to register or vote??

give me liberty or I'll give you death

socialism is a plague upon humanity Rated 5 out of 5 stars

socialism never works but to visit evil upon men

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(by a people on hearth)

have we to read social is bad, capitalism is good?

have we to read don't do black people, do white crazy people.

have we to read no to liberty yes to insanity.

it's a good new thing that obama is a president, because he his black and socialist.

i'm not especially a socialist and i'm not black, but i prefer obama than a bush or... a bush.

don't do a nonsense, after the evolution there will be another president and another president and another etc...

but obama is not a bad thing, this is a transition.

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this is spot on

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social cancer is murdering the America I love dearly

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oh this is so bookmarked!

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a must have for friends and family

Hope the cancer isn't fatal Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Stop feeding the monster

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freedom at work... opposing the evils of socialism

@one star useful idiots

brush up on your history

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It took eight years to bring the USA down to bankruptcy, to lose respect in almost the entire world, and to have unemployment rates skyrocketing. Now people expect Obama to straighten everything out within half a term. Ridiculous.

Obama social cancer? How? By trying to introduce a system, so that everyone will be health-insured? So that the entire society carries the weight of the costs instead of letting it be done by few?

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Stupid and Useless Persona,

You Obviously Against Obama for one reason which is the poor man is BLACK as simple as this, he has been in the office for less than term trying to clean up the mess created by Bush, however for any one who top-rated this persona, you only deserve some one like BUSH who will push America to its fatal end.

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No thanks

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Thank you author! This separates the wheat from the chaff and brands those who lack strong information sources and/or lack critical thinking skills. If it weren't for people like those who support this position, I wouldn't feel nearly as confident in my abilities to navigate parts of this world which still incorporate reason.