wrongly adds attachments Rated 2 out of 5 stars

MRC Compose automatically adds any attachment you used in a previous email to the next (current) email. It is a bug, as there is no way to turn this off. I can't figure out how to report this as a bug, which is also a bug.

The developer replied, but the link given has no entry point to report the bug.

Here is how to create the problem:

1) add an attachment (a#1) to an email (e#1)
2) send email e#1
3) create email e#2
4) email e#2 automatically has attachment a#1

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1). 

Hi,I'm very surprised by the problem you described : as a everyday user for nearly a year, I never had such a bug with attachments.So, please report it in the new public repo :https://github.com/michelRenon/mrc_compose/And please explain every single step necessary to reproduce it, otherwise I won't be able to identify it.Michel

Update on 24 aout 2013 :

In github.com, you can create issues, via the "issues" tab on the right, then click on "New issue".
You have to have a github account.

I reproduced the steps you described, but I had no problems with attachments.
Then I checked again source code and you can be sure that MRC Compose does no changes on attachments.
It only read/write message headers (from, to, reply...).
Even in xul file, nothing is changed for attachments.

So, it seems to me that your problem is related to another part, maybe another extension ?
Can you list your configuration ? (OS, list of extensions)