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Hi,I wonder if you could help me please.I am using your latest version of ImportExportTools to do a daily backup of my whole profile of Thunderbird Portable running in Dropbox across several computers in different places.It is working very well thank you but I can only do the backup manually after Thunderbird is shut down? Is it possible somehow to have it do the backup automatically in the background while Thunderbird is running or even to do the backup automatically when I close Thunderbird?I have looked through the options but can see no way to do this, am I missing something obvious please?Any help would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks,Bob Green, UK.So can I presume from the deafening silence one month on that's it a "No you can't, or you do not intend to add the option even if it is possible?"An answer would be appreciated if possible otherwise what is the point of this page????Regards, Bob Green.

Thank you for the reply it is much appreciated, I did assume it would be rather unlikely to organise. They sound like good ideas if possible, at present I have it set to backup all profile files once a day [24hrs] when the programme exits which is far, far easier than trying to automate MozBackup to do it!
Thank you, Bob Green.

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First of all, excuse me for the late reply.

It's impossible, at present, to do the backup in background, because the backup requires the copy of big files and it would block the main thread.
I can consider the idea to add a way to do a backup on demand and/or every time you close Thunderbird.
I will try to add this feature in next updates, but I'm not sure when it will be ready.