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Why was Gnome (Linux integration) created?

I've always been most excited about continuous integration into the working environment. I've been a desk-modder back when I used WinXP, and since I've switched to Linux two years ago I've been quite happy with all the gnome apps that look beautiful together.
Firefox and Thunderbird have always been the odd one out, although with Firefox I hardly ever notice anymore, and it's become much better.
Thunderbird however, has always held quite the horror for me: in version 2, there just wasn't a single button that fit with my themes. So when I heard that version 3 would partially use system-icons, i was quite taken. However, apart from using the standard folders and fitting copy-and-paste icons, little had changed. So i decided that instead of waiting until someone else finally did something, i could really do it myself. I'm a software-engineer, and while i really don't know the first thing about graphic design, I could quite easily just use the provided system and/or evolution icons.
So, this is the result. The Gnome Theme, as well as the Humanity theme (which are mostly the same, apart from the send/receive buttons which have to be custom made and a couple of others) are my best works so far (probably because i didn't have to design anything).

What's next for Gnome (Linux integration)

* I would really like to change the calendar into something nicer, although the colours are quite alright already.
* There's a lot of small menus which need working on, although i hardly ever notice them when using thunderbird.
* In Evolution as well as Claws-Mail, (which are both e-mail programmes i have used) it doesn't just signal new message in the message-list, but also in the folder pane. you are also able to see which folder has marked items. I would really like to make that happen in thunderbird.

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Name meckermaus
User since May 17, 2010
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