Evernote Tab su Thunderbird Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Occorre aggiornare il componente aggiuntivo Evernote Tab sull'ultima versione di Thunderbird.
Adesso lo uso sul Web e con Outlook ,qui è molto utile x memorizzare i messaggi e gli allegati.Spero di poterlo fare con Thunderbird.

Too much need to resort to support & many irritating shortcomings .. Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Here's part of a message a friend emailed to Evernote Support:

Lack of Recurring Reminders in Evernote
Yesterday, I found out (without asking support staff) that Evernote cannot do recurring reminders, in other words, to remind me of something I need to do every day, every week etc., or even every year or decade. (The "every decade" reminder capability would be a great way to show customers that "Evernote is for Life".) For recurring reminders, I'd have to use the Calendar feature that comes with my gMail account, defeating my aim to make Evernote my 'one-stop shop', in which anything I need to search for, I'd search for in Evernote. I have come to understand that for Evernote to be truly useful, the user must put everything in Evernote. Right now, I can't do that, as the remainder of this message explains.
Retreat to GoogleDocs As My Main Service
In fact, while using Evernote today, I decided to run back to my Google services. I was writing a draft of a message in Evernote (so that it would later be searchable within Evernote). One irritation was that to make what I type on the screen a decent size --- easy-on-the-eyes --- I'd have to increase the font size to "18", instead of the usual "12". GoogleDocs allows me to magnify the view without having to increase the font size, which I would have to re-size before printing the document, or copy-pasting to some other application. Evernote doesn't have this magnify facility. (Or does it?)
Limited Ability to Use Evernote in a Linux Environment
A Linux environment is where I find I'm most productive, because it's so trouble-free, and is especially free of delays. My neighbour complains that he has to wait a full 15 minutes only for his MSWindows7 laptop to start up. Also, there is a general slowness in both MSWin and MacOSX environments.
Voice Notes: a big plus but a big minus
Voice notes, especially being able to store a voice note with a text transcription of it in the same "object" is great, and were it not for the [200MB] limit, and that I don't have full confidence in Evernote -- not yet anyway -- I would have moved all the audio files I've saved in Dropbox to Evernote. I understand that, not long ago, Evernote offered unlimited storage, then backtracked. That would have caused many serious users to lose confidence. In my own case, finding out that I can store 10GB per month, I thought of gradually moving my stuff into Evernote until everything was moved. But the confusion it would cause --- having some of stuff in Evernote, and other of my stuff elsewhere --- made me decide against it. My "stuff", the things I need to work on, is complicated already, and I'd want the Evernote service to be as simple as "all my stuff is in here". In actual fact, I'm ready to "roll my own" service like Evernote; not just Evernote, but Dropbox and whole lot of other facilities. There's nothing like have total control of your own facilities. And I'll probably do it all in the safe and reliable Linux.
Just Surfaced: Another Problem
Using the "Clearly" button, I get a nicely readable page, but it doesn't work on my GoogleDocs. Also, and yet another irritation, I get a message at the bottom of the 'Clearly' cleared page saying "Create Account". But I've already created an account, and I'm signed into it!
Evernote seems to be rich in useful features, and the people who are great fans of it may keep Evernote's business managers satisfied. But it's also leading to laziness; i.e. "Who cares, we're making enough profit from satisfied customers anyway." For example, Evernote's support staff ignoring, or fobbing off clients like me, when I ask questions. I can see Evernote's potential, and would like to make it my 'one-stop-shop'. But, as covered in this message, it cannot be.

Having my questions ignored by support staff alone places a big question mark on whether Evernote is a service I can rely on; whether my data is safe in Evernote, for example, if Evernote honours its privacy pledge, or if it just rattles off the standard verbal fare about "we take privacy very seriously", and so on.

It seems that I may well be a highly valued customer who, despite being dissatisfied with Evernote, gives high quality, clear feedback. You may even feel it's necessary to refer this message to the appropriate senior. I hope that Evernote will reward me for the time I've taken out of my precious day to supply them with good information --- it would ensure a steady flow of such feedback. Unfortunately, I would not want the reward in the form of extra "points" to extend my Evernote premium service. <EndOfMessage>

Simple, but enough Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Doesn't do anything more than open the Evernote web page in a separate tab, just as the extension's title says. In the end, for me, it is easier to just have a browser tab open, however, and this plugin wasn't very useful. As others had mentioned, quick-filing email messages or parts thereof would be the feature one would want.

Evernote and Thunderbird Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Can you copy emails into Evernote via this tab? If not, what's the point?

Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Very disappointing. What is it worth opening Evernote from Mail? I would have expected at least (like the Outlook plugin) to be able to save a mail including attachments to Evernote. Like the Firefox Evernote clipper does for Webpages.

It works. Sorta. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Although the plugin works, it's definitely no substitute for the good old Web Clipper for Thunderbird that Evernote unceremoniously stopped supporting/updating last year. I miss that so much, all of the workarounds, including this one, are so clunky. In addition, I find that every time Evernote Tab opens in Thunderbird, it hogs all my resources and slows my computer (a relatively new Windows 7 notebook with plenty of oomph for everything else) down to a crawl. Very annoying, and it's faster to just copy, open Evernote Desktop, and paste! Not sure if I'll keep this installed, as due to the resource hogging problem, it may be more trouble to use than convenience.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I so love this! There's my Evernote info right in my email where I spend so much time! Thank you!

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Works as advertised. Nice to be able to see notes in the same app as email...especially on Ubuntu!