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Custom Buttons

Pure Magic Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This extension has really opened up my usage of Firefox. I now have a whole bunch of useful buttons, even complete tool kits all organised on dropdown menus so that in fact I only need ONE toolbar to cover every option and extension and button that I have. (Currently over 150).The number of buttons available has increased a lot recently as has the amount of help and information available. If you want to completely revolutionise the way your firefox works for you - this is the way! What stylish does for appearance - this extension does for functionality.

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Magic - pure magic Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I love the layouts and the interactivity of it all. Useful even more so when you happen to have lots of tabs open and you either have to squeeze them thin or scroll your tab bar.

A couple of requests though - having things show, however well presented, on a black background hurts my eyes (and what's left of my brain) and I'm from the grumpy old git generation that was brought up reading real books on white paper :-) So black backgrounds, for me, really jar. Any chance of a few options there, please?

An additional feature would be one that I think would make this extension absolutely perfect - I don't always open every site in a new tab, especially when I'm on a search for info or a good place to source or buy stuff (you know how it is) so would it be possible to er... stack... any other domains (rather than pages) on any tab that has them? Either in the overall main layout that you have now - or as a context menu entry for each tab so we can see what we have on it lurking behind the currently visible?

Fair enough - if I was disciplined enough to open every single site when searching in a new tab I wouldn't need to ask for this - but admit it - you do it too! :-)

Honest, it's great, so I gave it five stars happily.

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Remove It Permanently

I like it Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I like the fact that I have full control over every detail that is displayed on a page or even an entire website.
This is especially true of the heavily loaded pages of the forums I frequent where it truly is worthwhile ditching all the "junk".
I did have one small problem though - my last update crashed FF. Had to completely uninstall the earlier version of RIP before coming back to install from here.
But yes - a great extension.

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Toolbar Buttons

Nice idea but... Rated 4 out of 5 stars

It really is a nice idea, and I'd like a couple of those buttons.

I'm just not about to fill up my customise toolbox with loads and loads of buttons that I'm not going to use.

Is there any way they could be put somewhere else? Perhaps in a drop down - sort of pick and shoot type thing? :)

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Custom Buttons²

Brilliant Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is the very most useful Add-on that I have.

I now have toolbars full of customised buttons that are specific to the browsing that I'm doing.

Some I've downloaded from the Custom Buttons Forum Database, some I've downloaded and "tweaked" to make them absolutely what I want, and some... well I just needed to use the MakeAButton button - job done.

You can even "Request a button" to be authored for you on the Forum!

The guys there are very hepful and they really know their stuff!


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