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Image Zoom

Adds zoom and rotation functionality for images...

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145,889 users


View EXIF data in image properties

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Browser Backgrounds

Browser Backgrounds is the new Firefox extension that lets you install backgrounds directly on your browser.

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8,510 users

ImageTweak: zoom/rotate images and videos!

A no-clutter image viewer for Firefox that allows you to zoom, rotate and display images/videos against a custom background. ImageTweak is a must-have addon for any photographer or photography-loving user.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (100)
4,975 users

Context Menu Image Saver No Restart

Save images to custom locations directly from the context menu.

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Search stock images with

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Search for buildings, architects, cities, etc. on the free online architecture archive.

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Movie Central™ Search

Search Movie Central™'s ( schedule for specific movies with this unofficial search tool.

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Digg Search plugin

The Digg Search plugin for Firefox allows you to search on the while you use Firefox.

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Realtime Twitter Picture Search Engine - Real time pic search of Twitpic, yFrog, flickr photos and more!

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