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I'd love it I'd love it I'd love it! It's such a great way to watch a video without leaving at the page you're on.

But can you add an option in the setting to choose, when you open a video into new tab like middle-click a link also launch the addon player as well? Because sometime, you may want to read the comments or see the full list of recommended videos after watching a video, right?

So, by having that option, one can also open a new tab with the addon open together for the reason mentioned above or one can just right click a link without leaving a page to watch a video as usual.

Now with that I can completely replaced the crappy default youtube player altogether with this awesome addon player when I'm surfing on youtube ^.^

ps: Somehow, the context search item of the right click menu was place on the very top how can I put it to the bottom of the menu?


This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


That's exactly the reason as to why the Minimize button was added, to be able to continue reading some article while the video is playing. May you missed that button? It's on the upper-right corner (partly greyed out)

As for the context-menu item position, it's set before the Node with ID 'context-sep-viewbgimage', which cannot be changed atm, i'll add that to my TODO list.

Thanks for your review.